Stevia from Gerblé, in its presentation in container of 45 grams, is a very powerful sweetener. It is 300 times stronger than sugar and also has no influence on glucose levels. It is a natural product, obtained from a plant in South America recognized for its sweetening and medicinal properties. Perfect for patients with diabetes. Antioxidant. It prevents fatigue.

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    Stevia from Gerblé. Sweeten your drinks and foods healthily without affecting your glucose levels.

    The product Stevia from Gerblé is a natural sweetener that is sold in a 45 gram container. Its origin is vegetable. It is extracted from a native plant in the tropical region of South America. In these territories, it has been used by the Guarani Indians, who baptized it with the name of "Kaa-heé", that in its dialect means "sweet grass". To obtain the Stevia powder, the leaves of this plant are allowed to dry and then finely crushed.

    This is how you get a sweetener that is up to 300 times more powerful than the popular refined sugar that is obtained in supermarkets. In addition, it has the advantage of less affecting glucose levels, so it helps to maintain adequate blood chemistry levels. Also, it prevents the dizziness and symptoms of diabetes in a 100% effective way. To all of the above, it is added that the product Stevia from Gerblé is made from 100% natural substances, obtained from nature without the use of fertilizers or chemical agents. For all these reasons, it is highly recommended and an ideal part of any diet designed for people with insulin deficiency.

    Thanks to extracts of steviol glycosides, the sweetness of commercial sugar is obtained 300 times. In addition, it has a minimal effect on glucose levels. Usually, it is common to find it in diets of people from countries such as Paraguay or the Southern Cone. In other regions its distribution has been complex, but gradually it has been gaining supporters. In particular, doctors who treat people with diabetes often prescribe it. For this reason, it has been in the field of drugs and dietary supplements that it has expanded commercially. In fact, it is until 2011 when it is approved for use in Europe. There are many advantages of consuming Stevia from Gerblé. Some of them are: prevents hypertension, is a powerful antioxidant, combats fungi and bacteria that affect health, counteracts fatigue, minimizes anxiety, improves resistance to the common cold and is a magnificent healing element. Many claim that it can become the sweetener of the future, including the alternative to replace refined sugar in the international market.

    Facts of Stevia from Gerblé

    • Offered to the public in boxes of 130 grams
    • 100% natural product
    • Obtained from the plant Stevia rebaudiana
    • Does not affect glucose levels
    • Combats fatigue symptoms
    • Antioxidant
    • Ideal for diabetic patients

    Stevia is one of the best sweeteners today. It has more capacity than sugar to give a sweet taste and is also much healthier.

    Recommended use: preferably in drinks, adding just ¼ of a spoonful is achieved by sweetening a large amount of water.

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