Sesame and Honey Snack from Gerblé, in its pack format of 162 grams, is as practical as healthy and nutritious. Made from natural sesame and honey. It provides the body with the necessary fibers for proper digestion. Minerals such as magnesium and iron, which maintain a correct balance of hemoglobin in the circulatory system.

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    Sesame and Honey Snack from Gerblé, sweet and healthy candy to provide minerals and fiber to the body.

    Sesame and Honey Snack from Gerblé is sold to the public in packets of 162 grams. It is a food with an incomparable flavor, as it mixes sesame seeds and multifloral honey. This results in a crunchy textured snack. In addition, a sweet taste that stays in the mouth with a nice aftertaste, exquisite and leaves a genuine desire to repeat.

    In its components is remarkable the presence of a 49% of sesame, which inputs to the body a good dose of magnesium, fiber and iron. The consumption of magnesium helps to minimize the effects of fatigue and tiredness. Iron is a vital mineral to maintain high hemoglobin levels. Fiber optimize the digestion and eliminate the excess of fats in the daily diet. In addition to the above, those who consume Sesame and Honey Snack from Gerblé count on the intake of methionine, an essential amino acid present in sesame seeds. Methionine plays an essential role in the decomposition of lipids and avoids their excessive accumulation in the metabolism.

    The properties of sesame and honey are well-known. Both are used in alternative medicine. Together they improve the digestive system. They have calories that are consumed fast and do not convert to fats. In addition, its input of minerals such as iron and magnesium, which help to use the oxygen contained in the lungs and also are essential in the transport of nutrients through the bloodstream. Hemoglobin values, synthesis of essential amino acids and the use of calories largely depend on this pair of substances. It also happens that the binding of the fibers of Sesame and Honey Snack from Gerblé with sesame's methionine results in effective protection against fats. First, because the fibers pick up the excess fat content and remove it through the large intestine. Second, because methionine is able to remove lipids already present in the body to convert them into energy at the mitochondrial level.

    Facts of Sesame and Honey Snack from Gerblé

    • Sold in boxes with capacity of 162 grams
    • Made from honey and sesame seeds
    • 100% natural
    • Large amount of fibers
    • Provides minerals: magnesium and iron
    • Improves digestion
    • Eliminates and breaks fats down

    This appetizer is succulent and at the same time extremely nutritious. Its ingredients are obtained from organic farming, without chemicals or fertilizers.

    Recommended use: eat as desserts, or as a snack between meals. Ideal to take with them and taste them at any time or place.

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