Gluten Free Rustic Bread from Gerblé comes to the market to offer better and greater alternatives for those celiac people; This product maintains the taste of traditional bread without including gluten, an ingredient that affects certain people. This is why this is a great option to maintain a balanced diet and free of chemical additives.

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    Gluten Free Rustic Bread from Gerblé, product rich in fiber, ideal for regulating intestinal transit.

    Gluten Free Rustic Bread from Gerblé is the solution for those people intolerant to gluten and who wish to lead a normal lifestyle, including a healthy diet including common foods such as bread and which in their case is very difficult to consume under normal conditions. To meet the needs of this type of consumers, the gluten-free rustic bread is presented; A food that includes rice, buckwheat, corn and starch (wheat without gluten). In this way these practical slices can be accompanied by sweet or salty foods, becoming a delicious product besides delicious and very versatile. Contributing to diminish the natural digestive affections of the gluten disorders and allergies and promoting a better quality of life. They are ideal to eat as a snack any time of day complementing the main meals and offering variety to traditional diets.

    Gluten Free Rustic Bread from Gerblé is an ideal food for those who must lead an strict diet for celiac, likewise it can be enjoyed  by the whole family and those people who want to maintain a healthy diet and a nutritious and balanced diet. Made of corn, rice, gluten-free wheat and buckwheat as its main ingredients; Besides being a food free of gluten, it contributes an important percentage of proteins, saturated fats, carbohydrates and fiber necessary for the organism. It is an ingenious combination of ingredients to offer a quality product and exclusive to give a better quality of life to all those people who find it difficult to get gluten-free food and free of chemical additives to protect their health and improve their physical condition.

    Facts of Gluten Free Rustic Bread from Gerblé

    • Gluten free.
    • Rich in fiber, proteins, carbohydrates, saturated fats essential for the body.
    • Made with 100% natural products.
    • Practical container of 12 slices of bread distributed in two sachets for better conservation and consumption.
    • Product that can consume the whole family.
    • It can be combined with sweet or savory foods according to the taste of the consumer.

    In short, Gluten Free Rustic Bread from Gerblé joins Gerblé's nutritious food line to offer flavor and variety to all its users, as well as being a solution and a great relief for those who do not consume gluten and want to continue consuming bread and other foods without having to worry about suffering unpleasant consequences.

    Recommended Use: Gluten-free Rustic Bread is ideal to complement between meals, as a snack or to accompany the main meals of the day. Ideal for people on an exclusive diet for celiacs.

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