Bio Rice Drink from Gerblé is a 100% natural product, produced under the most rigorous standards of quality control. Bio Rice Drink from Gerblé has been made from rice grains harvested from ecological farms, free of pesticides. Its high nutritional value and rich flavor make it the ideal substitute for commercial milk.

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    Bio Rice Drink from Gerblé, gluten-free product.

    Bio Rice Drink from Gerblé is milk of vegetable origin and one of the most recommended to replace commercial milk. For those who are allergic to lactose or by choice have opted to stop consuming milk and dairy products, in a short time have suffered the fact that many of the food we eat in some way or other contain milk. Luckily, there are vegetable milks, which, well prepared can replace without any problem to the common milk.

    Each packet of Bio Rice Drink from Gerblé contains mainly rice, 17% water, sunflower oil and sea salt and once it has been open, it can only remain in the refrigerator for 3 days, no more than that. Gerblé maintains the philosophy of offering "organic" products, whose primary source, which in this case is rice, has been planted and harvested on ecological farms, away from urban environments and their contaminants. Free of pesticides and any other chemical substances, so common in other industrial production farms. Gerblé guarantees that what you are taking is 100% natural.

    Facts of Bio Rice Drink from Gerblé

    • Totally digestible by anyone.
    • Each average serving provides 157 kilocalories.
    • Gluten free.
    • Low sodium concentration.
    • Free of refined sugars.
    • Contribution of 32.5 grams of carbohydrates for each serving of 250 milliliters.
    • No preservatives or artificial flavors.
    • Grains from organic farms.

    This drink is your ideal choice to consume rice milk, since the quality that Gerblé offers in all its products, has been proven time and time again. There is a wide range of possibilities with regard to vegetable milks, but of all those, the ones made from rice it is most recommended because of its high nutritional value, low sodium levels and rapid absorption in the body. That is why Gerblé decided to take this idea and from it to produce a product of excellent quality, to make life easier for millions of people. Being made by this brand, each container of Bio Rice Drink brings the guarantee of having been prepared in the most natural way possible, always complying with the most stringent standards of quality control.

    Recommended Use: Bio Rice Drink from Gerblé can be taken with coffee, cocoa or along with other cereals. However, it can also be taken alone, as a cold or hot drink. Although it is a 100% natural product, it should not be taken by young children and it should not exceed the recommended daily dose.

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