Rice and Coconut Drink Bio from Gerblé, in its presentation of 1 liter, is very good to incorporate it into a healthy dietary pattern. Made from rice and coconut obtained in an ecological way, without chemical fertilizers. It contains no trace of gluten or lactose. It provides calcium to improve the bone system and joints.

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    Rice and Coconut Drink Bio from Gerblé, excellent source of nutrients and benefits for the body naturally.

    Rice and Coconut Drink Bio from Gerblé is distributed in a 1-liter cardboard box. It is made using the properties of rice grain and coconut. The first provides your body with low-fat carbohydrates. The coconut adds its exotic and refreshing flavor that delights the palate. By ingesting this drink, the body is supplied with a quantity of calcium that favors the skeleton and joints.

    Another favorable point is its minimum amount of sodium, mineral that must be controlled in patients diagnosed with cardiovascular problems. This cluster of properties make Rice and Coconut Drink Bio from Gerblé a food recommended by many doctors and nutritionists. It is suitable for weight loss as it contains no fats or sugars. It is very easy to digest. Each of its ingredients is obtained through organic farming, assuming its origin in clean harvests and without the use of chemical fertilizers. It can be consumed by people of any age and is a perfect companion of any gastronomic dish.

    This drink of rice and coconut is one of the best solutions to replace milk in diets with lactose and gluten intolerance. Its merely vegetable content and the absence of sugars in its composition add power to prevent diabetes and obesity. Thanks to the fiber contained in rice and coconut, it favors the digestive processes, excess fat is discarded and cramps are avoided by foods of complex metabolization. Along with these benefits, the supply of minerals such as calcium is added. The latter is an essential element in the bone conformation, since its absence propitiates brittle bones and weak joints. All this matrix of benefits is complemented by the versatility of this drink in the world of diets and preparations. It happens that Rice and Coconut Drink Bio from Gerblé can support any banquet, as well as serve along with cereal dishes or cookies. That is why it is sought by many people who long for a healthy life thanks to food.

    Facts of Rice and Coconut Drink Bio from Gerblé

    • In 1-liter cardboard box
    • 100% natural rice and coconut
    • Sugarfree
    • Perfect drink for gluten or lactose intolerance
    • Stimulates the bone system and joints
    • Little amount of calcium
    • Little amount of sodium

    A natural drink made from rice and coconut. Delicious and easy to digest. It contains calcium and helps the digestive system. Excellent in any type of diet.

    Recommended Use: you can drink at any time of the day, during meals as any time you get thirsty.

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