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Quinoa and Teff Toasts - 100g

Quinoa and Teff Toasts from Gerblé are the ideal complement for those people who at times during the day need a snack to replenish energy. They are high fiber toast, unsaturated fats and slow absorption complex carbohydrates.

  • Gluten FreeGluten Free

    Quinoa and Teff Toasts from Gerblé is a product rich in fiber.

    These crunchy toasts made with quinoa and teff, encompass the best of two excellent foods of vegetable origin. Although the quinoa is of much more recent use than teff, which has been cultivated in Ethiopia for some 5,000 years, both share many positive traits for the health of the human being, so Gerblé has been able to take advantage of this to offer a product of indisputable quality.

    As a curious fact, quinoa is not a cereal as such, but seeds that are handled in the right way can be used just like these. With the advantage that they are able to provide a greater amount of proteins and healthy fats. On the other hand, teff, although not so well known by Western culture, is much more nutritious than other cereals such as wheat. Each packet brings 22 of these toasts that are made from 79% of cereals such as rice, corn, made from flour to make them compact better. They also have quinoa flour, at a rate of 8%, along with teff seeds, at 6%. Of the other components can be mentioned sea salt, apple extract and fiber from peas and acacias.

    Facts of Quinoa and Teff Toasts from Gerblé

    • They are rich in fiber.
    • Teff and quinoa are gluten free.
    • Rich in slow-absorption carbohydrates, to have more energy throughout the day.
    • Together they are able to regulate cholesterol levels and blood sugar.
    • Teff has 8 essential amino acids.
    • Low levels of saturated fats and in comparison, high concentrations of unsaturated fats, thanks, mainly, to quinoa.
    • May contain traces of milk, soy or any derivative thereof.
    • A portion of 100 g gives a total of approximately 365 kilocalories.

    As always, Gerblé brings us a product of indisputable quality, mixing the almost magical properties of quinoa and teff, without neglecting the rich flavor and texture of these toasts. For years this company has been dedicated to offering natural products for those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but without neglecting those small pleasures of life. Best of all is that in each of packet commercialized, you can have the guarantee that these are free of preservatives, colorings or some other additive.

    Recommended Use: Quinoa and Teff Toasts from Gerblé function as a rich sandwich at snack time or during breakfast. As with any other toast, you can eat them with creams or to accompany certain dishes. The only real difference of this with other similar products is the quality and guarantee to be 100% natural.

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