Oat Bran Biscuit - 144g

Oat Bran Biscuit from Gerblé, these biscuits are elaborated following the philosophy of the company. They are much more nutritious than most commercial cookies and yet they do not leave aside the good taste and flavor. Each packet contains 24 cookies, 6 g each.

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    Oat Bran Biscuit from Gerblé, ideal for improving intestinal transit.

    Oat Bran Biscuit from Gerblé is the best example of Gerblé commitment to the health of the human being. They are designed to contain 50% fewer sugars than traditional cookies, as well as 84% less saturated fats and a rich supply of fiber and non-hydrogenated vegetable fats. Gerblé ensures that your products are as natural as possible, so leave out any artificial coloring, preservative and synthetic aromas. They have been made, in addition to oat bran, with flours from cereals that were harvested on ecological farms free from contact with pesticides or any other toxic agent.

    They include in its composition wheat flour, oat bran, brown sugar, nabin oil, pea and milk proteins, ammonium and diphosphate carbonates, sea salt, cinnamon powder and flavorings from natural compounds. Besides being very nutritious, they are very tasty to the palate. Because of its low levels of saturated fats, you do not have to worry about them becoming localized fat in the body over time.

    Facts of Oat Bran Biscuit from Gerblé

    • Each cookie contains 27 kilocalories.
    • They do not have artificial additives such as colorings or preservatives.
    • Very rich in fiber.
    • 35 percent of the biscuit's weight corresponds to oat bran.
    • Contains non-hydrogenated vegetable fats.
    • Oat bran presents a very complete nutritional profile.
    • They improve intestinal transit and general health of the digestive tract.

    Oat Bran Biscuit from Gerblé are an excellent option with which you can count on in case you want a light breakfast or for a snack. Gerblé, maintaining its tradition of producing products of the highest quality and designed to care for the health of its users, has created delicious cookies that include all the benefits of oat bran and with very little concentration of saturated fats and lots of fiber, which makes them ideal for those who wish to lose weight, since the consumption of these will not affect the diet of the person, but rather, will help achieve better results thanks to the benefits of fiber and nutrients from oat bran and the touch of honey.

    Recommended Use: you can eat Oat Bran Biscuit from Gerblé as you see fit, at your breakfasts or as snacks whenever you prefer. Each packet brings 24 biscuits of 6 grams each, representing a total of 144 grams, of which a good part consists of fiber and the rest in nutrients, important to cover with the nutritional requirements of the body.

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