Gluten free Muffins from Gerblé is a product that contains rice flour and cornflour, which are commonly used to prepare buns, biscuits and bread totally free of gluten, giving a great flavor to muffins, in addition, these are made under the highest standards, avoiding any trace of gluten that could damage the quality of the product.

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    Gluten free Muffins from Gerblé, ideal for all people allergic to lactose.

    The muffins or madeleines are traditional buns of Spain and France, these are normally made from eggs, sugar, butter, wheat flour, yeast, and lemon flavor. When using wheat flour, ordinary muffins contain gluten. Not suitable for celiacs, people allergic to gluten or those who follow diets that avoid gluten.

    With the intention of being able to offer people a good and rich alternative to eating muffins is why Gluten free Muffins from Gerblé have been created, which are preferred by all people allergic to gluten and celiacs because they are unique in the market not only by its composition but by its incredible flavor, once you try it you will not be able to believe that it does not contain gluten.

    To create these muffins, rice flour and cornflour were used, which unlike flours from dried cereals and their derivatives (wheat, oats, spelt), these 2 gluten-free flours being the most common for baking cakes, buns and breads suitable for celiacs, people with non-celiac gluten sensitivity, or those who follow gluten-free diets, although these benefits are only possible if they are free in their preparation for so-called cross-contamination, ie, contamination of cereals that contain gluten. Gluten free Muffins from Gerblé are made under the highest quality standards in production lines designed exclusively for them, avoiding cross contamination, are made from rice flour and cornflour totally free of gluten and lactose, coming in very small sachets that preserve its delicious flavor and freshness, besides allowing to take them and eat them wherever you prefer, be it from the office or a day watching TV.

    Facts of Gluten free Muffins from Gerblé

    • Made from natural ingredients.
    • Use rice flour and cornflour.
    • Totally suitable for celiacs and people on gluten-free diets.
    • Free of lactose.
    • The highest quality ingredients are used.
    • Made under the highest industry standards.
    • Delicious taste.
    • In individual sachets.
    • Attractive packet.

    Gluten free Muffins from Gerblé are ideal for all those people who are celiac, allergic to lactose and gluten, and for all those diets that avoid these ingredients, providing a great flavor in breakfasts and snacks without having to worry about gluten or lactose that some people can not even taste, made under the highest industry standards, making sure that each muffin is free of gluten and lactose.

    Recommended Use: thanks to its practical wrapping, just open and consume as you wish. Ideal for breakfasts and snacks.

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