Muesli Cookies with Oatmeal from Gerblé, sold in boxes of 290 grams, are made from three cereals: barley, wheat and oats. They have a lot of fiber that favors the digestive system. Also, they contain pieces of dried raisins and hazelnuts. They have no sugars and only give the body slow-moving carbohydrates.

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    Muesli Cookies with Oatmeal from Gerblé, delicious dietary cookies to take care of the figure and to feed you healthily.

    Muesli Cookies with Oatmeal from Gerblé are sold in packets of 290 grams. It is a product made from a healthy combination of cereals and nuts, which also has a low amount of sugars. It contains wheat flour, barley flour and oatmeal. From this trio are obtained biscuits with good amount of fiber that helps digestion, elimination of fats and avoid intestinal congestion. On the other hand, they do not contain sugar and its sweet taste comes from the use as ingredients of dried raisins and hazelnuts. Thanks to this, they are slow absorption carbohydrates that are not synthesized as lipids immediately, but are conserved as energy in the mitochondria. In this way, Muesli Cookies with Oatmeal from Gerblé allow you to have an energy source for body movement without danger of becoming fat. Without delicious, an exquisite texture to the palate and recommended for a healthy and balanced diet. It can be consumed by the whole family, are already recommended for children, adolescents, young people, adults and the elderly.

    Oats, wheat and barley are three cereals widely cultivated by mankind for centuries. All three are recurring ingredients in any diet intended to lose weight or with the intention of decreasing the amount of fat in the body. In addition, as good carbohydrates provide healthy energy to the body, without falling into the excess calories of carbohydrate foods. Perhaps one of the best advantages of oats, wheat and barley is that they provide a lot of fiber. These last ones make the digestion improve significantly, since they favor the route of the bolus in the intestinal tracts. Another benefit of the fibers is that they trap the fats, so to speak, and drag them out of the digestive system preventing them from being picked up by the body. In that way, the excess fat content of the meals is carried to the large intestine and discarded. In addition to the above, Muesli Cookies with Oatmeal from Gerblé is sugar-free, but only have pieces of dried raisins and hazelnuts. Therefore, it is a wholemeal and healthy food that prevents obesity.

    Facts of Muesli Cookies with Oatmeal from Gerblé

    • In boxes of 290 grams
    • Made from three cereals: wheat, barley and oats
    • Contains pieces of dried raisins and hazelnuts
    • Sugar-free
    • Very low amount of fats
    • Fiber supply
    • Improves digestive processes and eliminates lipids

    Muesli Cookies with Oatmeal from Gerblé are a succulent supplement for any diet that claims to be healthy and aimed at lowering overweight. They are an exquisite dessert.

    Recommended Use: you can eat without problems after any meal or after an exercise routine.

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