Sugar free Jam from Gerblé contains 300g of one of the richest strawberry jams. It is made with natural ingredients and has the great advantage that, without the excess of sugar in the blood, there is no reason why you can not give flavor to your life with a delicious sandwich dipped in jam.

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    Sugar free Jam from Gerblé, low-fat food.

    Sugar free Jam from Gerblé contains 330 grams of a jam made with strawberries, which does not include extra sugars beyond the fruit sugars; fructose. However, to enhance the flavor of the jam, natural sweeteners such as mannitol have been used. Jams are ideal to accompany delicious snacks, but because of the high level of sugar they contain, many people try to stay away from them, which will no longer be necessary, thanks to the production of this jam free of processed sugars.

    Strawberries are the fruits selected to make this delicious jam; At least 60% of the total composition of said product. In addition to these, it also includes water, lots of fiber, pectin to function as thickener, citric acid, natural sweeteners such as malitol and sucralose along with preservatives such as potassium sorbate. All these ingredients, together, give life to a product that meets what is proposed, give sweetness to the food, but without the excess of sugars that common jams usually have.

    Facts of Sugar free Jam from Gerblé

    • Every 100 grams provide about 75 kilocalories.
    • Rich in fiber.
    • Ideal for those who want to lose weight without leaving aside the sweet and pleasant touch in their meals.
    • Low-fat food.
    • At least 60% of the content is pure fruit.
    • Provides all the nutritional benefits of strawberries.
    • The use of sucralose and malitol instead of sucrose (table sugar), ensures that eating this jam regularly does not imply that your glycemic index will remain in control.

    Sugar free Jam from Gerblé is part of an extensive list of natural products, whose philosophy is to bring to the homes of millions of families, healthy products, of indisputable quality and at the same time without leaving aside the good taste. The natural ingredients in which this jam is based on come from organic farms. Surely you will think that in these cases the term "ecological" is part of nothing more than a mere market strategy, but the truth is that Gerblé, again and again, has given a guarantee of its commitment to each of its customers. These farms are far from urban centers and for the planting and subsequent harvesting of the fruits, no pesticides or any chemical agents potentially dangerous to the health of the human being were used.

    Recommended use: this jam is like any other, the only real difference is that it is sweetened with other compounds that are not refined sugar, so you can eat without worrying about being consumed so many kilocalories for portions of 100g. You can spread it on bread, biscuits or anything else you like.

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