Gerlax Herbal Tea from Gerblé is a blend of medicinal plants created to alleviate and counteract the problems that occur in the stomach and intestines. It is very useful for relieving constipation and constant flatulence. It includes an attractive presentation of 20 sachets to take preferably before bed or after breakfast.

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    Gerlax Herbal Tea improves the intestinal system and is a easy to prepare.

    Gerlax Herbal Tea is a small but potent blend of natural plants; Created especially to contribute efficiently to the correct operation of the digestive and intestinal system. The combination of sen, mint and anise acts in a timely manner benefiting health and improving the quality of life of people, especially those who have problems of constipation and flatulence. Gerlax Herbal Tea aims to attend and alleviate the discomforts that occur in the stomach and intestine as a result of poor nutrition or even generated spontaneously by the body. Obviously this remedy does not replace in any way the indications that for greater causes require specialized medical care or products and medicines indicated by a professional.

    Gerlax Herbal Tea is a product of a leading brand of diet food in Europe. It includes a portion of Sen; A plant that among other properties can correct the problems of constipation; Acting on the nerve endings that regulate the intestine, causes intestinal contractions that produce an effective evacuation. On the other hand, the anise is another natural plant included in the composition of Gerlax, being very useful to treat multiple problems of the digestive system; It is widely used for the elimination of intestinal gas, as a sedative also helps in the prevention and control of gastritis, heartburn and stomach problems that are related to nerves, in addition to help to make digestion more quickly. For its part, mint helps to reduce intestinal irritation; As well as counteracting the effects caused by diarrhea, Crohn's disease or colitis, ultimately favors the digestive process, reduces vomiting and abdominal pain associated with the accumulation of gases. Of course, Gerlax Herbal Tea from Gerblé is very effective for a correct operation of the digestive and intestinal system.

    Facts of Gerlax Herbal Tea

    • Combination of natural plants of Sen, Mint and Green Anise.
    • Totally natural product that does not contain colorings, preservatives, or artificial aromas.
    • 20 sachets ready to use.
    • Easy preparation.
    • Helps the correct operation of the stomach and intestines.

    Gerlax Herbal Tea allows to balance the digestive and intestinal system thanks to its combination of Sen, Anise and Mint; Medicinal plants with great curative properties that help diminish affections produced in the stomach and intestines allowing to have a better quality of life.

    Recommended Use: for a better effect of Gerlax Herbal Tea from Gerblé, it is advisable to take a cup before going to sleep, if necessary; Have a cup in the morning after breakfast. Do not take more than two cups a day.

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