Cocoa and Pecan Nuts Biscuit - 132g

Cocoa and Pecan Nuts Biscuit from Gerblé is a practical, tasty, healthy and nutritious solution to satisfy a craving at any time of day, with an excellent recipe based on chocolate and pecan nuts for a delicious taste and aroma. Made with 40% less sugar to care for the line and health.

Cocoa and pecan nuts biscuit - 132g

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    Cocoa and Pecan Nuts Biscuit from Gerblé, with 40% less sugar and high in fiber to enjoy a healthy snack.

    Cocoa and Pecan Nuts Biscuit from Gerblé are delicious mouthfuls of intense aroma and flavor, made with pecan nuts and chocolate, which in addition to being crunchy, have a balanced combination of nutrients to take care of well-being without giving up cravings. Cocoa and Pecan Nuts Biscuit from Gerblé, unlike the conventional cookies found in the supermarket, contains less than 40% of sugars, making it a healthy option to take care of food. Best of all, they are rich in fiber, an essential nutrient to improve digestion, fight constipation, improve intestinal transit and feel satisfied for much longer.

    It also has a high percentage of unsaturated fats, which means that Gerblé has replaced harmful fats in Cocoa and Pecan Nuts Biscuit for vegetable oils to contribute and maintain normal levels of cholesterol in the blood and offer a 100% healthy intake. For added benefits, oats and wheat germ flakes have been included in the recipe, which are important because they provide energy, vitamins and minerals. Cocoa and Pecan Nuts Biscuit from Gerblé can be consumed by people who carry a fitness diet as athletes in the definition stage, as they are a practical, tasty, healthy and nutritious solution to satisfy a craving, and even more so if it is about chocolate!. They come in a comfortable packet of 132 g, which retains all the freshness of these delicious snacks, also come in 6 individual sachets with 2 biscuits in each to facilitate consumption and respond to daily needs in a balanced manner.

    Facts of Cocoa and Pecan Nuts Biscuit from Gerblé

    • Based on pecan nuts and chocolate with intense aroma and pleasant flavor
    • 40% less sugar than conventional cookies
    • Rich in fiber and low in saturated fats
    • Provides energy throughout the day
    • Increases the sensation of satiety
    • Improves digestion
    • Contains oat flakes and wheat germ
    • Suitable for people who care for their health and sportsmen
    • Packet of 132 grams (6 sachets with 2 cookies in each)

    For years, Gerblé has excelled at producing healthy and natural products. On this occasion, Cocoa and Pecan Nuts Biscuit is not exception: it has a balanced combination and great nutritional support to maintain a balanced diet and not neglect to fulfill a craving for sweets during the day.

    Recommended Use: eat 1 sachet (22 g) of Cocoa and Pecan Nuts Biscuit from Gerblé at any time of the day.

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