Chocolate Coated Biscuits are delicious chocolate-coated snacks and packed in boxes of 105 g to preserve all its freshness and quality. The best is that it does not contain gluten or allergens and are made from healthy ingredients to provide a healthy and proper consumption for the correct physique maintenance.

Chocolate covered biscuits - 105g

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    Chocolate Coated Biscuits from Gerblé: delicious gluten-free snack and rich in fiber for 100% healthy consumption.

    Chocolate Coated Biscuits from Gerblé are the classic snack that can not be missing in the pantry of every home, because being coated with a double layer of chocolate and gluten-free, they become a delicious snack to eat at any time of the day. In addition, thanks to its composition, it is a rich source of fiber and energy to start the day. Going to the supermarket and analyzing the brands of biscuits to select the best, ends up being an impossible task, and the answer is obvious: most of them contain a lot of sugar, dairy products, saturated fats, processed flours and allergens that impair the proper physique and health maintenance.

    However, Chocolate Coated Biscuits from Gerblé are the alternative we were all expecting because they are made from vegetable oils, corn starch, chocolate coat, sweeteners, rice flour and pasteurized egg to provide a 100% healthy consumption, unlike other brands. Moreover, not only they are the best snacks for their healthy composition, are also gluten-free, which means that celiacs, vegetarians or allergy sufferers can enjoy a delicious chocolate flavor without giving up this. Another point in its favor is being a rich source of fiber, so eat them improves the intestinal transit, constipation and allows enjoy an adequate stomach health. Even people who are on a diet to lose weight can take advantage of these properties. First, because they help control weight, and on the other hand, does not contain high percentage of refined sugar is the best snack to avoid worrying about counting calories or fat.

    Facts of Chocolate Coated Biscuits from Gerblé

    • Coated with a thick layer of chocolate
    • Does not contain gluten, colorings, preservatives or additives
    • Provides energy and a high source of fiber
    • Ideal for celiacs, vegetarians and allergic persons
    • Facilitates the intestinal transit and fights constipation
    • Helps control weight
    • Pack of 105 g, which retains all freshness and flavor
    • Delicious taste and aroma

    Who is not a chocolate lover? Many people love its taste and texture! But the reality is that it is difficult to eat and at the same time to follow a healthy lifestyle. However, there is no reason to give up cravings, Chocolate Coated Biscuits from Gerblé is exactly what we need.

    Recommended Use: eat a chocolate-coated biscuit as a snack or at any time of the day. It can be accompanied with a glass of milk, juice or water, according to preference.

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