Gluten free Chocolate Cookies from Gerblé are designed especially for the celiac people. Each packet includes three cookies, more than enough for a snack or a light breakfast before heading out to the street, to start the day with the best of energy.

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    Gluten free Chocolate Cookies from Gerblé, ideal for celiacs.

    These gluten-free cookies for breakfast are designed especially for those allergic to gluten. This is a protein that is present in many foods and, unfortunately, some people have a hard time digesting it. Thanks to advances in technology, companies such as Gerblé are able to create products that can be consumed by celiacs and at the same time maintain a good taste and texture. The key to these cookies is that they are made from gluten-free cereal flours, accompanied by a rich semi-bitter chocolate.

    One these cookies are made from rice flour, cornflour, teff flour, sugar, non-hydrogenated vegetable fat and of course, chocolate chips. These chocolate chips represent 8% of the cookies and are made from cocoa, sugar and cocoa butter. Other components of Gluten free Chocolate Cookies from Gerblé are glucose syrup, water, rice starch and lecithin, which functions as an emulsifier and the gasifying effect of ammonium carbonate. To give a thicker consistency has been chosen to include "xanthan gum" and of course, could not miss the touch of salt.

    Facts of Gluten free Chocolate Cookies from Gerblé

    • Totally gluten free
    • Contains cereals such as rice flour, cornflour and teff flour.
    • Thanks to the cereals used to make them, they are rich in fiber.
    • They also have a good dose of carbohydrates, so you will be assured that you will have a good energy supply, which will be useful during the course of the day.
    • Made in a factory that uses milk, nuts and eggs.

    The best option to eat gluten-free chocolate cookies comes from the hand of Gerblé. This company has developed a product of indisputable quality, subject to the most rigorous health controls. In addition, so you do not have to worry about knowing what contains what you are eating, Gerblé ensures that both this and the rest of its products are completely natural, since in each of them try to use the least amount of additives and cereals are harvested from ecological farms.

    Recommended Use: you can consume these gluten-free cookies in the best way that you think, as you will prove they are just like any other chocolate cookie, but with the particularity that they are gluten-free. They come in packets of three and you can eat them with a glass of milk, a delicious shake, or as a snack for those typical cravings during the day.

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