The delicious and crunchy Chocolate and Almond Biscuits from Gerblé are enriched with magnesium, fiber and vitamins. They are excellent to be included in maintenance or weight loss diets as they are low in fat and sugar compared to other cookies on the market. Each packet contains 200g. Eat them at breakfast or at snack time.

Chocolate and almond biscuit - 200g

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    Chocolate and Almond Biscuits from Gerblé, the sweet touch of your diet.

    To satisfy your cravings between meals you can delight your palate with the crunchy and fresh Chocolate and Almond Biscuits from Gerblé. These biscuits are high in magnesium, calcium, fiber and B vitamins, vitamin E and vitamin D. In comparison to other biscuits, they have 40% less saturated fat and 45% less sugars. They are ideal for nutritious breakfasts or snacks for the whole family. They can be consumed by people who want to lose weight while eating tasty food.

    Almond is a nut that is highly nutritious and beneficial to the body. This food contains protein, fiber, vitamin E, phytic acid and minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus and manganese. This delicious fruit has antioxidant properties so it prevents premature aging by protecting cells, stimulates the regulation of blood sugar, magnesium content delays fatigue and tiredness, reduces cholesterol, causes a satiety effect and improves memory. Its consumption is recommended for people with diabetes, people on slimming diet and athletes. Chocolate is a stimulant, its components provide the body with energy to perform various physical activities and keeps people in a good mood. This delicious and popular food is a natural antioxidant because it has a high content of polyphenols capable of combating the free radicals considered as the main causes of cellular aging.

    Regular consumption controls blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, and optimizes brain function. Gerblé combined nutritious ingredients to ensure a premium food without using colorings or additives. Each 200 g packet contains 16 delicious Chocolate and Almond Cookies, a cookie gives the body 59 kcal. The ingredients used to make these divine cookies are: wheat flour, chocolate chips (9.8%), cocoa paste, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, whole sugar, almonds (6.4%), palm kernel fat, Canola, wheat germ (4.8%), glucose syrup, cereals, whey, barley malt, fructose, natural aroma, magnesium phosphate, gasifier, calcium carbonate, sea salt, milk protein, wheat starch, vitamins, Acetate dl-alpha tocopheryl, cholecalciferol and pyridoxine hydrochloride. If you want a tasty snack without giving the diet up, then try the delicious Chocolate and Almond Biscuits from Gerblé.

    Facts of Chocolate and Almond Biscuits from Gerblé

    • Little sugar and fats.
    • Provides magnesium.
    • Contains calcium.
    • Free from colorings or preservatives.
    • Natural aroma.
    • Source of vitamins.

    Fill your day with the best flavor with the crunchy Chocolate and Almond Biscuits. Ideal for all those people who want to enjoy an appetizer that is healthy and at the same time delicious.

    Recommended Use: open and consume at breakfast or between meals throughout the day.

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