Calcium Oat Drink from Gerblé represents a natural source of fiber, calcium and vitamin D. It is a food that produces the energy that the body needs during the day, especially for those people who perform a lot of activity daily. A refreshing drink, totally natural and 100% healthy.

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    Calcium Oat Drink from Gerblé: refreshing, natural and healthy, great source of fiber, calcium and vitamin D.

    Calcium Oat Drink from Gerblé is a product designed for those who need to increase their consumption of calcium and fiber; Ideal for students, senior citizens, athletes, people with a lot of daily activity. As its components help to feel more energy and have large amounts of calcium and fiber needed for the body. Being a totally natural product, its nutritional value increases; So it does not have any kind of chemical or artificial additives, besides being manufactured with ingredients from organic farming and under the practices of controlled agriculture. Also, it is a lactose-free product, whose main ingredients are oats, calcium carbonate, gellan gum as stabilizer and cholecalciferol.

    Calcium Oat Drink from Gerblé is a great food for people depressed, because oats helps to stimulate the body's energy levels, stimulating a balanced diet and improving fitness. This product proves to be very appealing to consume at any hour of the day, since it is of easy digestibility and is a food that all the members of the family can consume; Being the ideal option to supplement the breakfast, dinner or to enjoy a delicious snack on its own or with cereals, coffee, cocoa, cold or hot. In addition, the drink of oats and calcium of a liter can be refrigerated once opened to be able to enjoy it later. This product includes the characteristic guarantee of Gerblé products, so its quality is certified. As it is composed for the most part of water, oats and calcium; It becomes a powerful source of fiber, vitamin D, calcium and is also lactose free. Obviously, it is a nutritious drink that should not be lacking in the diet of those people who wish to have a balanced diet.

     Facts of Calcium Oat Drink from Gerblé

    • Source of fiber, calcium and vitamin D.
    • Product with totally natural ingredients; Without colorings, preservatives, or artificial flavorings.
    • Components cultivated according to the practices of controlled agriculture in crops far from urban centers; Guaranteeing its naturalness.
    • Drink suitable for the whole family.
    • A great source to stimulate energy levels.

    Calcium Oat Drink from Gerblé represents the ideal alternative for the consumption of a healthy food for the whole family, ideal for children to stimulate healthy food and an excellent option to supplement dinner, breakfast or enjoy a pleasant snack between meals.

    Recommended Use: can be consumed at any time of day, every day.

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