Calcium-Hazelnut-Soy Drink from Gerblé is a food that is rich in calcium with taste of hazelnut that naturally makes your body healthier, standing out in the maintenance and well-being of bones thanks to the mineral contents and vegetable proteins. It also stabilizes cholesterol levels as it is low in saturated fat.

Calcium hazelnut soy drink - 1l

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    Calcium-Hazelnut-Soy Drink from Gerblé, ideal para favorecer el sistema inmune

    Calcium-Hazelnut-Soy Drink from Gerblé has a pleasant taste of hazelnut that is made from soy and is rich in calcium. In addition, it helps meet the daily requirement of vitamin D to be able to fix the calcium in bones. Also, it is high in vegetable protein that covers the deficit that arise from it.

    Calcium is a mineral that is essential in our body for many benefits, but especially this mineral is found inside bones and is responsible for its proper operation. This mineral appears in our body naturally, but although it is important to stimulate its increase to prevent injuries that could cause problems to the health of bones. The elderly need enough calcium for the well-being of bones. At this stage we must be more careful with our organism as it begins to undergo drastic changes, bones start to weaken and injuries are common. If it is not taken care of in detail, this could lead to serious and consistent ailments, so Calcium-Hazelnut-Soy Drink from Gerblé is ideal for our grandparents. It should be noted that this product is easy to digest allowing all members of the family to taste this delicious drink.

    Facts of Calcium-Hazelnut-Soy Drink from Gerblé

    • High contents of calcium, an essential mineral for bones.
    • Provides vitamin D.
    • Made from soybeans, a legume known for the variety of nutrients it contains and provides to the body.
    • Low in saturated fat, which favors the maintenance of cholesterol in the blood.
    • It is delicious and hazelnut flavored.
    • Combines benefits of different foods such as soy, hazelnut and calcium.
    • Free of artificial aromas and colorings.
    • 40% of protein offering a natural maintenance to the bones.
    • High in vegetable proteins to meet protein needs.

    Calcium-Hazelnut-Soy Drink from Gerblé is a drink that provides you with a variety of nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy. It is natural and low in saturated fat which is ideal for people who want to maintain cholesterol levels stable. More importantly, it is a food that contains a lot of calcium, through which the well-being of bones prevails, especially in the elderly, avoiding wear or serious injury due to their weakness and, thanks to its vitamin D component, bones can absorb calcium faster. Its taste of hazelnut makes this drink delicious and suitable for all members of the family, without any chemicals that could affect the body.

    Recommended Use: this drink can be consumed cold or hot and if you prefer it can be smeared with cereal or coffee.

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