Gluten free Breakfast Biscuits from Gerblé, in a packets of 200 g and are specially made for celiacs. Each packet includes four cookies, more than enough for a snack or light breakfast before heading out to the street.

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    Gluten free Breakfast Biscuits from Gerblé, ideal for all those people who have a very hectic daily routine and need the most important meal of the day.

    Gluten free Breakfast Biscuits from Gerblé is designed especially for those who do not tolerate this protein, but still like to eat snacks such as biscuits or some other confectionery and other foods that contain gluten. These biscuits are made from various ingredients to give a palatable taste, but above all, they include flours free of this protein, such as cornflour, rice flour, millet flour, quinoa flour, among others.

    A good part of the food we eat contains gluten. Without realizing it, we are constantly exposing ourselves to these proteins that, although they are very beneficial for a good part of the population, in some people cause discomfort, since their body is not able to process said compound. For those suffering from this deficiency, it is likely that their discomfort will be reflected in a poor digestion or some other natural response of the body, all due to poor absorption of gluten. Among the most commonly used foods that contain this protein are flours such as wheat, rye, barley and oats. Breads and other pastries such as biscuits. All kinds of pastries, nuts, food colorings, milk and products derived from it such as cheeses. And hams, sausages, mortadella and, even if it does not seem like it, some malted, distilled or fermented drinks.

    Facts of Gluten free Breakfast Biscuits from Gerblé

    • Totally gluten free
    • Made in a factory that uses sesame, nuts and eggs.
    • Contains cereals and pseudocereals such as rice, millet, corn and quinoa.
    • Contains chocolate chips and cocoa pasta.

    The best option to eat Gluten-free Breakfast Biscuits comes from the hand of Gerblé. This company has developed a product specially designed for celiacs and not only that, but when buying them you can be sure that this is governed by the most rigorous quality controls throughout the production process. In addition, so you do not have to worry about knowing what contains what you are eating, Gerblé assures that this and the rest of its products are 100% natural, since in each of them try to use the least amount of artificial additives. And, on the contrary, Gerblé seek to enhance the flavor of their food with totally natural ingredients from organic farming.

    Recommended Use: you can consume these biscuits as you want, since they are just like any other biscuit, with the only particularity that they are gluten free. They are 200 g that are equivalent to 4 cookies, more than enough to enjoy at breakfast or snacks.

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