Gluten Free Bread from Gerblé is a bread made from the best quality ingredients and the highest standards to guarantee a gluten-free product, in addition to being a food rich in fiber and flavor, as it provides important benefits, such as improving the intestinal transit and producing the feeling of satiety.

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    Gluten Free Bread from Gerblé, ideal food to provide the body with fiber.

    Bread, a word that comes from the Latin panis, is a primordial and generally cheap food that is part of the traditional diet in Europe, the Middle East, India, America and Oceania, being prepared by baking a dough, mainly made of cereal flour (The most popular is wheat flour), salt and water, this mixture, for the most part, usually contains yeast to ferment the dough to be more soft and fresh, because of its composition, breads contain gluten being a forbidden food for people who are celiac, allergic to gluten or on a diet that does not contain gluten.

    Gluten Free Bread from Gerblé is a 100% natural bread, made from the best ingredients, with very strict quality parameters, guaranteeing that you will eat a totally gluten-free bread, since in its specialized formula wheat starch is used without gluten, making it the ideal bread for celiacs, allergic to gluten or on a diet that does not contain gluten, is also an important source of fiber, which improves the intestinal transit, absorption of cholesterol, gives an extra energy and produces sensation of satiety (the body perceives that it does not need to consume more food). It has been scientifically proven that gluten is not strictly necessary for human food, because it is a mixture of proteins of low nutritional and biological value, as well as a low amount of essential amino acids, so from the nutritional point of view, avoiding it in the food does not represent any problem, being easily replaced without major inconvenience, in addition, with remarkable nutritional advantages, by vegetable or animal proteins, when a gluten-free diet is necessary.

    Facts of Gluten Free Bread from Gerblé

    • 100% natural.
    • Rich in fiber.
    • Gluten-free.
    • Suitable for celiacs or gluten-free diets.
    • Extra soft bread.
    • Great natural flavor.
    • Gives extra energy.
    • Improves the intestinal transit.
    • Produces a sensation of satiety.
    • Practical presentation, ready to eat.
    • Attractive presentation.

    Gluten Free Bread from Gerblé is ideal for celiacs, people allergic to gluten or on a diet that does not contain gluten, all this adding its other important benefits, such as using high quality ingredients, be a great source of fiber, have a great natural flavor and come ready for consumption, it is not necessary to cut, just open and eat on its own alone or accompanied by any other sweet or salty food.

    Recommended Use: ready to open and eat. You can spread on salty or sweet food to taste.

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