Baguette from Gerblé is a bread that is sold in packs of 200 grams. Each of these packs contains two loaves. It is a food based on corn starch, rice flour and sunflower oil. It is free of gluten, so it is recommended in diets of people suffering from the symptoms of celiac disease.

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    Baguette from Gerblé, excellent alternative to conventional bread for those looking to take care of their figure.

    Baguette from Gerblé is sold commercially in a 200 gram pack containing two units. It is a special bread, cooked without gluten. Therefore, it is recommended for all those people who are intolerant to this protein. It is made from corn starch, rice flour and sunflower oil. It is an wholemeal-type food, perfect for those diets made to lose weight or aimed at and minimize the amount of fat in the body.

    Each bread has less than 250 calories and very little fat. It is a food initially intended for people with gluten assimilation problems, but it has become an excellent choice for all types of consumers. It is quite soft and can be combined with many dishes. No eggs or any kind of dairy product are used in its recipe, since the ingredients are all of vegetable origin. There is no doubt that Baguette from Gerblé is a very healthy breaded product that is perfect for daily food.

    Gluten is a rather peculiar protein. It can be found in certain cereals such as wheat, rye or barley. There are people who can not consume it, because they are genetically intolerant to that protein. The symptoms of inability to digest gluten are several, among which we can mention: abdominal pain, gas, lack of appetite, constant fatigue, weight loss, mouth ulcers and dermatitis. Undoubtedly, there are many consequences of this disorder known as celiac disease. It is worth to say that those who suffer from this condition must maintain for life a food pattern where gluten is completely discarded. In fact, it is difficult to follow these types of diets, since gluten is usually present in a large number of foods, recipes and industrial-type foods. To solve this problem, foods such as Baguette from Gerblé have been made, which, besides not containing gluten, have nutrients of great value for health and growth. It is ideal for those who want to lose weight or plan to reduce the amount of body fat.

    Facts of Baguette from Gerblé

    • Sold in packs of 200 grams
    • Each pack contains 2 loaves of bread
    • Gluten free ingredients
    • Made from corn starch, rice flour and sunflower oil
    • 100% natural food
    • Low calorie
    • Slow absorption carbohydrates
    • Versatile food for any type of diet

    Baguette from Gerblé is a natural bread, rich in cereals and vegetable ingredients. It is devoid of gluten and is recommended for those with celiac disease.

    Recommended use: it is a bread of very good flavor, can be accompanied with different meals. You can eat directly from a pack or heat in an oven.

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