Almond Oat Drink from Gerblé, in its presentation of 1 liter, is a magnificent input to any diet aimed at improving health. It is free of lactose, so it is recommended for all those people who suffer from intolerance to this type of sugar.

Almonds oat drink - 1l

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    Almond Oat Drink from Gerblé, excellent drink to benefit cholesterol levels in the body.

    Almond Oat Drink from Gerblé is offered to the market in container with capacity of 1 liter. It treats a 100% natural liquid, made from a mixture of extracts of almonds and oats. Thanks to this pair of ingredients, it provides the body with an excellent amount of unsaturated fats, which are usually found in meats such as blue fish, but sometimes, it is possible to detect in vegetable foods.

    The great advantage of this type of fat content is that it helps to eliminate bad cholesterol (known as LDL) and increases the percentage of good cholesterol (called HDL). This is a great benefit because atherosclerosis and heart problems are avoided. Likewise, the danger of suffering the so-called myocardial infarction is diminished. These benefits obtained by ingesting Almond Oat Drink from Gerblé, to which it is added that it is lactose-free. For this reason, those who are intolerant or allergic to this disaccharide can substitute milk for this delicious drink with which they eat in every meal.

    Both oats and almonds are recognized foods in the world of natural medicine. Both provide fibers that help improve the operation of the digestive system and help eliminate the excess fat consumed in the daily diet. Together, they make possible the delicious drink described herein. It is a mixture of the extracts of both ingredients, whose result is a liquid similar to milk. However, it has the property of being free of lactose. The latter is a type of sugar, specifically a disaccharide, which is also known as milk sugar. Sometimes, the body is not able to assimilate this substance and symptoms of intolerance appear. These are manifested with abdominal pain, bloating or cramping. Such sensations are so strong that they sometimes disable people in their daily activities. As an alternative to this inconvenience, Almond Oat Drink from Gerblé was created. It is perfect to replace any type of dairy. In addition, its high content of unsaturated fats helps to prevent cardiovascular disorders and catalyze a much healthier life.

    Facts of Almond Oat Drink from Gerblé

    • In 1 liter container
    • 100% natural
    • Mixture of oatmeal and almond extracts
    • Great input of unsaturated fats
    • Zero content of lactose
    • Prevents cholesterol
    • Input of fibers that improve digestion

    Thanks to this drink, there is a rich dietary source of fiber and unsaturated fats, which helps to lose weight and control the appearance of blood cholesterol levels.

    Recommended Use: eat with meals. It is a very versatile drink that can accompany any food and perfect for any diet.

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