Active Fibers Biscuit from Gerblé are biscuits made from whole wheat flour and bran, which makes them very rich in fiber, with all the benefits that this entails, such as improving intestinal transit avoiding constipation, also have a very natural and appetizing taste, being sweetened naturally with cane sugar and honey.

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    Active Fibers Biscuit from Gerblé, ideal snack to eat something sweet and light.

    Fiber is a very important vegetable component for human health, it contains polysaccharides and lignin, making it very resistant to digestive enzymes, having a positive effect on the body, such as maintaining the intestinal flora and avoiding conditions such as constipation. In addition, they have a satiating effect on the daily diet, it is for this reason that when we consume a food rich in fiber we have the so-called feeling of satiety, of which we are satisfied, which if used correctly can help us control our body weight and lose those extra kilos.

    Active Fibers Biscuit from Gerblé are biscuits made from bran and whole wheat flour, are also naturally sweetened with cane sugar and honey, making them a delicious snack and with a low input of calories to the body, stimulating in this way a balanced and healthy diet, these biscuits are very rich in fiber, increasing daily fiber requirements, even the increased needs of pregnant women, with menopause or old age, it is possible to emphasize that all wholemeal flour and bran of wheat comes from crops far from urban zones and the contamination of these, being thus completely planted and harvested in a completely natural way, guaranteeing as a consequence, a product totally free of preservatives and artificial colorings.

    Facts of Active Fibers Biscuit from Gerblé

    • 100% natural ingredients are used.
    • Elaborated with bran and whole wheat flour.
    • Contains no preservatives or artificial colorings.
    • Sweetened with cane sugar and honey.
    • Cereal flour from totally natural crops and away from urban zones.
    • Low in saturated fat, calories and does not contain hydrogenated fats.
    • Food rich in fibers ideal to avoid constipation.
    • Produces a satiating effect.
    • Light and sweet snack, ideal for parties.
    • Attractive recyclable cardboard box.

    Active Fibers Biscuit from Gerblé is ideal for all those who want to consume a light snack with delicious flavor and sweetened with honey and sugar cane, ideal to share with friends or to eat them one afternoon watching your favorite series, in addition, that will bring to your organization all the benefits to consume fiber, being the most important of all, to improve intestinal transit (avoiding constipation this way) and producing the feeling of satiety, which makes us consume less food given that we feel satisfied for longer.

    Recommended Use: just open and eat. Store in a cool and dry place. Drink plenty of water after consuming them. A healthy lifestyle is recommended to improve all outcomes.

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