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100% Isolate from Galvanize Nutrition is a high-value protein, ideal for those looking to build fat-free muscle mass. It is also much purer, since it is subjected to a cross-flow micro-filtration process, helping maintain low levels of muscle fat and, at the same time, build strong muscles.

    Get healthy and well-trained muscles thanks to 100% Isolate from Galvanize Nutrition: a spectacular supplement that will help you reach your sports goals in no time.

    100% Isolate from Galvanize Nutrition is a whey protein isolate improved with L-glutamine, with a high nutritional value, specially designed for those athletes looking for a high-quality protein to get the muscles they expect in a guaranteed way, as it helps build muscle mass, developing fat-free tissue, also improves physical performance during intense training sessions, thanks to its incredible amino acid content, such as L-glutamine, which supports muscle recovery, promotes increased power and also protects the muscles from possible injuries and catabolism so feared by athletes. This product also collaborates with a healthy diet, so it is ideal to complement fat-loss diets.

    What are the characteristics of 100% Isolate from Galvanize Nutrition?

    • A powerful and effective protein of high nutritional value.
    • Helps build fat-free muscle mass.
    • Contributes to the development of strong and defined muscles.
    • Improves physical performance during exercise.
    • Supports muscle recovery.
    • Promotes increased strength when training.
    • Improves body composition.
    • Quickly absorbed.
    • Suitable for lactose intolerant diets.
    • No fat or added sugar.
    • Comes in two delicious and refreshing flavors: chocolate and vanilla.

    Composition of 100% Isolate from Galvanize Nutrition:

    This great supplement comes in a powder presentation, for easier intake and optimal absorption when entering the body, which guarantees the enjoyment of its benefits with superior effectiveness. It also has the appropriate amounts of its ingredients, which make it a more reliable and safe product when it reaches your hands.

    Likewise, this product underwent an additional cross-flow micro-filtration process, offering a protein purer than a whey concentrate, since it separates the protein from fat, cholesterol and lactose, maintaining low levels of body fat and helping to develop healthy muscles.

    Content per serving (25 g, chocolate flavor), some values ​​may vary according to flavor:

    • Energy value of 89 kcal.
    • 0.9 g of carbohydrates, of which 0.6 g are sugars.
    • 21 g of protein.
    • 0.24 g of salt.
    • 250 mg of L-glutamine.

    Why should you take 100% Isolate from Galvanize Nutrition?

    Its spectacular formula makes it one of the best proteins on the market. Its quality is of the highest you can find, which will ensure you get strong, quality and fat-free muscles, also providing you with a performance you will enjoy. As a result, you will be able to achieve the objectives you have set out for yourself with superior efficiency.

    It is ideal for athletes having high expectations, who seek to get a quality protein that helps develop the musculature they expect in a short time. It is special for users on a healthy and balanced diet and leading a healthy lifestyle.

    How to take 100% Isolate from Galvanize Nutrition?

    • Take a serving (25 g - 3/4 tablespoon) dissolved in 200 ml of water or low-fat milk.
    • Take 2 times a day: a serving after training and another between meals.
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    Buenas, mi pregunta es que si al igual que otros productos, puedo disolver los 25 gr en 500 ml para tener mas hidratación.
    2020-01-27 23:20:41 Oscar
    Hola puede echarle el agua que usted desee, pero con 300 ml de agua es más que suficiente. Un saludo
    2020-01-28 17:21:49 Jose
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