Zerup (Syrup 0%) from Franky's Bakery is a syrup with a true traditional American flavor, besides being free of sugar, fats, carbohydrates, cholesterol, gluten and very low in calories, ideal for those who want to keep their figure but do not want give up the pleasure of adding flavor to your favorite foods and desserts.

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    Zerup (Syrup 0%) from Franky's Bakery, ideal for all those people who can not consume gluten.

    Zerup (Syrup 0%) from Franky's Bakery is a syrup free of sugars, fat and with almost no calorie made by Franky's Bakery, which since 1954 has been creating delicious syrups with an authentic American flavor, free of artificial flavors, on European soil.

    Syrups are liquids of viscous consistency that usually contain concentrated solutions of sugars, and like sucrose, diluted in water and large quantities of pota or in another liquid, these syrups have been used for a long time and before sugar was discovered, were prepared with honey, the liquids that usually comprise a syrup are distilled water, solutions, extractives, juices, and others, the use of the same was generalized widely because they mask the unpleasant taste of the drugs and are preserved for longer. Zerup (Syrup 0%) from Franky's Bakery is free of sugars, gluten, cholesterol, carbohydrates, fats, very low in calories ideal for use on ice creams, pancakes, cakes, waffles, Greek yogurt, cup cakes, fruit salad and a variety of foods, its benefits lie in possessing a great flavor of traditional American syrup without the cons of this such as the large amount of sugar and consequently of fats they have, making it a perfect product for those people who want to maintain a healthy figure and body without having to worry about the calories they consume, or having to give up a product as delicious and versatile as syrup is. Zerup (Syrup 0%) from Franky's Bakery comes in a variety of delicious common flavors such as Coffee, Honey, Chocolate, Cherry or house flavors such as Apple Piey Salted Caramel, giving the consumer the possibility to choose the flavor that tickles his fancy the most.

    Facts of Zerup (Syrup 0%) from Franky's Bakery

    • American traditional syrup flavor.
    • Sugar free.
    • Fat free.
    • Very low in calories.
    • Free of carbohydrates.
    • Cholesterol free.
    • Gluten free.

    Zerup from Franky's Bakery is presented in 6 delicious flavors: Coffee, Honey, Chocolate, Cherry, Apple Pie and Salted Caramel additionally comes in a practical presentation and attractive packet. Zerup (Syrup 0%) from Franky's Bakery is an ideal product for anyone who wants to control what goes into their body, those who are on a diet or those who just do not want to lose their figure, since they can consume this syrup without worrying about Sugar, fats, carbohydrates, cholesterol or gluten, to add to meals and not feel guilty.

    Recommended Use: it can be used on ice cream, pancakes, waffles, cakes or cupcakes, Greek yogurt or fruit salad, making it ideal for any occasion of the day.

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