Wheynut butter from Franky's Bakery is an excellent peanut butter enriched with the highest quality whey protein, ideal for all those people who love peanut butter who want to increase or maintain their muscle mass in a completely natural way, without chemical additives or preservatives.

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    Wheynut butter from Franky's Bakery is a healthy way to consume peanut butter.

    Wheynut butter from Franky's Bakery is a 100% natural peanut butter with the only difference being that it is low in fats and sugars, in addition to being enriched with high quality whey protein, allowing to supply a large amount of protein per serving to the body, stimulating the growth of lean muscle mass and generating a feeling of satiety, avoiding the consumption of food impulsively.

    Made with high quality peanuts, Wheynut butter from Franky's Bakery is completely natural, free of chemical additives and harmful ingredients such as palm oil. Completely free of fats and sugars, Wheynut butter from Franky's Bakery will be an excellent choice for anyone looking to take care of their figure without neglecting the delicious taste of peanut butter in a natural and healthy way without chemical additives or artificial flavors.

    It is a common thing for people to get rid of their favorite foods when they are in the midst of strict diets, either in order to lose weight, gain muscle mass, define muscle or just keep fit. This is due to the restriction of the consumption of salts, carbohydrates and sugars in the body, which is why Frankys Bakery, brand dedicated to the development of 100% natural and enriched food products presents its new Whey Butter, an incredible peanut butter made with selected peanuts, totally free of fats and sugar and enriched with whey protein, being ideal for any person, athlete or sportsman who wants to consume a food rich in proteins and nutrients, thus allowing the building of muscle mass, helping Lose weight by neutralizing the appetite and of course with a delicious and natural flavor. This makes Wheynut butter from Franky's Bakery an excellent addition to the diet of anyone who wants to stay in shape healthily.

    Facts of Wheynut butter from Franky's Bakery

    • Made from selected totally natural peanut
    • Free of fats, sugar and chemical additives
    • No artificial flavors or preservatives
    • Enriched with Whey Protein
    • Variety of tastes for a delicious experience
    • Inhibits appetite
    • High nutrient content

    With Wheynut butter from Franky's Bakery you can enjoy that delicious snack you want without sacrificing the results of your workouts, allowing you to gain muscle in a totally natural and healthy way without worrying about calories or fats.

    Recommended use: nutritious food to spread, to consume next to the main meals or in snacks and desserts in rations of approximately 35 to 40 grams. Do not exceed recommended daily dose.

    Reviews Wheynut butter - 450g

    • 06/02/2018

    Crema de cacahuete con sabor a plátano. Tal cual.

      • 05/10/2018

      Muy buena textura y sabor. Recomiendo al abrirla meterla en la nevera y antes de consumirla sacarla unos 20min y listo.

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