Protein Pudding from Franky's Bakery is a powdered mixture to prepare delicious protein-rich puddings, fully recommended for athletes or fitness people who wish to contribute to muscle maintenance without giving up the pleasure of tasty snacks. In addition, it has high fiber and energy for a balanced and healthy sports diet.

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Protein Pudding from Franky's Bakery: creamy, protein-rich mixture for muscle maintenance

Protein Pudding from Franky's Bakery is a powdered mixture to prepare delicious puddings with a high protein value, ideal for athletes or fitness people who wish to satisfy the daily requirements of protein, to stimulate the correct maintenance of the musculature and to maintain a balanced diet.

In addition, it is low in fats and sugars to provide safe consumption for all those who like to take care of their figure. Proteins are essential in sports nutrition, however, it is common for some people to find it difficult to prepare protein foods, either because they do not have the time or do not have availability to resort to a kitchen. Fortunately, Franky's Bakery is one of the sports product lines that thinks about the needs of athletes, so this time brings to our comfort the best Protein Pudding, which is not only rich in protein and easy to prepare, it is also quickly assimilated thanks to its excellent combination of hydrolyzed peptides and whey concentrate.

To consume protein, it will not be necessary to resort to a steak of beef or to the usual shakes, on the contrary, it is much more practical to count on Protein Pudding since it provides protein servings to take at any moment of the day and to contribute with the sports nutrition. In addition, keeping a muscle maintenance diet should not only be limited to conventional snacks, athletes also deserve to taste delicious flavors and a convenient way to achieve it is hand in hand with Protein Pudding from Franky's Bakery. Protein Pudding from Franky's Bakery provides approximately 14 grams of high quality protein per serving and, to top it off, contains fiber and carbohydrates to provide energy throughout the day and a pleasant feeling of satiety after eating it.

Facts of Protein Pudding from Franky's Bakery

  • High protein value of the highest quality
  • Provides 14 g of protein per serving
  • Contributes to proper muscle maintenance
  • Promotes a balanced diet
  • Contains fiber and carbohydrates
  • Increases satiety and provides energy
  • Easy to prepare
  • Quick assimilation
  • Low in fat and sugar
  • Pack of 500 g

Acquiring Protein Pudding from Franky's Bakery is a practical, easy and nutritious way to comply with the correct maintenance of the musculature, therefore, anyone who is starting in the sports world or has spent years training can not fail to try it. You will instantly get a good supply of protein and an incredible taste.

Recommended use: mix 1 ladle with 150 ml of cold water or skim milk in a shaker and shake vigorously until a creamy mixture is obtained. Consume 1 serving a day and can be accompanied with pieces of fruit or yogurt.

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