Sauce Frankys from Franky's Bakery is a product that brings a great traditional American flavor to the grill made using the best ingredients to accompany all our meats roasted and fried without contributing that great amount of fats and sugars that characterize this type of sauces, without having to sacrifice its traditional flavor.

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    Sauce Frankys from Franky's Bakery, product low in fat and sugar.

    Sauce Frankys from Franky's Bakery is a sauce with an addictive traditional American grill flavor made with the best ingredients, being low in fats and sugars, providing only 16 calories per 100 ml of sauce, which are normally high in this type of dressing, making them caloric bombs because are usually used with pork or fried meat.

    Sauce Frankys comes in 2 delicious mouth-watering flavors, the classic tomato sauce and BBQ sauce, both with their seasoned and grilled flavor that characterizes the Frankys sauces, making it ideal for grilled meats, regardless of whether it is fish, chicken , or red meat, making delicious dishes without the need to add more fats or sugar than they already have, being a healthy alternative to the classic sauces for grilling high in sugar and lipids.

    The ketchup or more commonly known as "red sauce" is a kind of sauce or pasta prepared from pulp of tomatoes and to give it the appearance and flavor that distinguishes it from the rest is added, depending on the particular type of Sauce and the country in which it is prepared, sugar, onion, pepper, garlic, and other ingredients. This sauce is usually cooked together, the stir-fry and pulp of the tomatoes and the BBQ sauce is a sauce used to flavor certain dishes based on meat or for other uses, this sauce has traditionally been used on ribs and roasted chicken, although sometimes it is used as a sauce to spread on sandwiches or is also used as a replacement for tomato sauce on the pizzas. It is for this reason that Sauce Frankys makes a difference, when being made achieving a sauce with a low amount of fats and sugars.

    Facts of Sauce Frankys from Franky's Bakery

    • Delicious traditional American flavor.
    • Provides 16 calories per 100 ml of sauce.
    • Low in fat.
    • Low in sugars.
    • 2 fantastic flavors: BBQ and Tomato.
    • Attractive presentation.

    Sauce Frankys from Franky's Bakery is ideal for all those who do not want to give up the good traditional taste of the grill sauce due to its large amount of sugar and fat that can affect your health, all this because Sauce Frankys has a low fat and sugar content which does not mean that its great flavor is reduced. The customer can choose between the flavor to Tomate or to BBQ.

    Recommended Use: use it to add flavor to your meals, either by flavoring the dish or by placing the spreading sauce to taste.

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