Candy flavor from Franky's Bakery brings us a new flavoring product for your nutritional and energetic food, giving you a great taste and quality that you need so much for those bitter or low-fat shakes that you need in your training

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Candy flavor from Franky's Bakery: the flavouring that gives life to your meals, drinks and desserts, in a completely natural and nutritious way.

Candy flavor from Franky's Bakery is a product that was made free of supplements such as lactose, calories, gluten and fats giving you a pleasant taste to the sugar-free food ideal for anyone with diabetes problems a complement that should not be missing in your home, which adapts to all and the most demanding palates and tastes. It has a great variety of preparations and substances that contain pleasant flavors and aromas extracted naturally or coming from artificial mixtures that are able to work in food in order to give it the taste and quality, reinforcing the flavor of your food complements.

Candy flavor from Franky's Bakery is a complement with a natural flavor or transmits a caramel flavor and aroma that has as a purpose to make more delicious any food that you find hard to eat, this flavoring is usually a liquid product and very important because we give greatly appreciate the taste and aroma of food and many times is more than acceptable to disguise those bad tastes of some foods and gives us a great appetite for which we give our acceptance when some foods do not naturally have that flavor, in those situations is when the Candy flavoring gives a great flavor and taste to your favorite foods, smoothies and desserts.

Candy flavor from Franky's Bakery has been considered as the original flavor enhancer. It can soften the bitter continuous notes, round off the flavors and improve the quality of the product. It takes a few drops of this liquid flavoring from Franky's Bakery, as it will make your protein shakes unique, which do not have a good taste or low-fat yogurts which also do not have a great and simple flavor where this flavoring will allow you to enjoy a fabulous flavor, thus giving life to your smoothies and foods without adding harmful and fatty sugars to your diet, giving you total control over what you eat.

Facts of Candy flavor from Franky's Bakery

  • Guarantees a great taste and quality to your meals, drinks and desserts
  • Sugar-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Calorie-free
  • Fat-free

Candy flavor from Franky's Bakery has an aroma and flavor with great qualities that today we take into account when it comes to digesting a food or any snack or drink. Look no further, a new product has arrived to put an end to those bad tastes you dislike so much. It is ideal for all palates and is free of sugar and fat, so it will be the perfect complement to your diet and training.

Recommended use: as a dietary complement, use several drops in food until flavored to taste.

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