The 5 Hamburger tray by Fitness Burger Tray is a delight you can consume, even if you are carrying out a rigorous sports diet. It has a lot of flavors, ranging from traditional tastes, and passing through Asian and exotic styles. It is in itself a delight available to all kinds of people.

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5 Hamburger Tray by Fitness Burger are incredibly delicious and healthy. Delight your palate with an exquisiteness that can be part of your sports or slimming diet!

Don't miss the delicious and incomparable taste of this 5 Hamburger Tray by Fitness Burger. You can include hamburgers in your diet, as they contain an excellent concentration of protein. They come in incredible and varied flavors and styles, using the best natural ingredients.

What are the features of the 5 Hamburger Tray by Fitness Burger?

  • It has a lot of flavors that cover varied culinary styles.
  • It contributes a great amino acid profile.
  • It can be consumed in slimming or sports diets..

What does the 5 Hamburger Tray by Fitness Burger provide?

These hamburgers come in a container with 5 units each.

The specifications per 100 g of this food are:

  • It contains 115 Kcal.
  • It has 1.7 g of fats that include 0.69 g of saturated fats.
  • It has 1 g of carbohydrates.
  • Contributes with 21.5 g of proteins.

These values correspond to barbecue burgers. These figures may vary with the hamburger taste you choose.

Why must you have this 5 Hamburger Tray by Fitness Burger?

The 5 Hamburger Tray by Fitness Burger is your chance to enjoy that delicious meal you were told was forbidden in your diet. You can enjoy eating these hamburgers that offer you a powerful source of protein ideal for a good diet, and that have been flavored with the best natural ingredients. You have a wide variety of tastes, according to numerous culinary styles. They have a really low level of fats and carbohydrates, so you can include them in your sports diet or in a weight loss plan. In the same way you have to include them in your diet, just because they are soft and very appetizing. You'll want to try them more than once.

You won't have to worry about your protein intake if you have the 5 Hamburger Tray by Fitness Burger in your kitchen. Its composition has a great biological value and will provide you with an excellent synthesis of amino acids. You can even consume it after training, to have a complete and safe recovery. In addition, a diet rich in protein will benefit the development of your muscle tissues, which at the same time will help you reduce excess fat. This will make your weight loss diet much more effective. But this is not all, since they are also great for all kinds of people, so you can even cook them for your family.

There are many ways you can delight in this 5 Hamburger Tray by Fitness Burger. Enjoy them with a green or colorful salad. Or maybe with whole wheat bread. You won't have to do much since they come in a variety of styles, which are really tasty and irresistible. You'll eat deliciously, in a simple way while taking care of yourself!

How to consume the 5 Burger Tray?

  • Cook on a griddle, pan or an oven.
  • Serve with vegetables, or with ingredients of your choice.
  • They can be included in sports diets or to lose weight.

Opiniones de Tray with 5 hamburgers - 500g

Matías 2019-08-18 10:33:04
Hola buenas! Cuánto pesa cada hamburguesa?
Joel 2019-08-19 10:04:43
Hola Matias! Cada hamburguesa sería de 100 gramos. Un saludo!
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