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Anti-Cellulite (CLA 1000 mg) - 60 softgels

Anti-Cellulite (CLA 1000 mg) from Fit Girl is a product formulated to reduce orange peel skin thanks to the action of CLA that works to remove fat accumulated in the body's fat cells, mainly on all in women who are more likely to accumulate fatty tissue in unwanted areas. The action of this sports supplement optimizes the appearance of the skin.

    Anti-Cellulite (CLA 1000 mg) from Fit Girl is the sports supplement to improve your body composition and reduce fat.

    Anti-Cellulite (CLA 1000 mg) from Fit Girl is a sports supplement perfect for women whose conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) content will improve their body composition, thus eliminating accumulated fat and reducing the effect of orange peel. It has an immediate effect and it will provide the support that ladies need in their workout routines.

    Anti-Cellulite (CLA 1000 mg) from Fit Girl is made from an important ingredient: CLA, also known as conjugated linoleic acid, which has numerous properties to contribute positively to your body. Its main property is the fat loss in very specific areas of the body.

    CLA works from its oxidation, so it not only acts to eliminate it but also to have an extra supply of energy in your body. In this way, all your daily activities involving great physical effort can be carried out.

    CLA also has the function of increasing anabolism. In other words, your muscle mass will increase and eventually, consequently, the energy expenditure will also increase, further enhancing the fat loss process, as your body really needs energy to keep its muscle mass.

    Thanks to this dietary supplement, fat production in your body is greater, which means that you will have all the endurance you require to prolong your workout sessions for as long as you need.

    Anti-Cellulite (CLA 1000 mg) from Fit Girl is the food supplement that all women require to improve their body composition and reduce body fat. This dietary supplement also provides safflower oil, which has a close relationship with fat loss, thus helping the body to secrete a neurotransmitter called adiponectin that promotes fat catabolism.

    Does CLA help with cellulite?
    Yes, it is! But not just any fat - a special kind of fatty acid known as CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). CLA has the potential to increase the amount of body fat burnt during diet and workout - and to increase the amount of lean muscle mass (which will help disguise cellulite) in the system.

    Nutrition facts of Anti-Cellulite (CLA 1000 mg) from Fit Girl:

    • Helps to reduce the accumulated fat in the body.
    • Improves the appearance of the skin.
    • Reduces the orange peel color of the skin.
    • Provides conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).
    • Increases energy production.
    • 2000 mg per 2 softgels.
    • 20 kcal of energy per 2 softgels.
    • Less than 0.5 g of fat per 2 softgels.

    Anti-Cellulite (CLA 1000 mg) from Fit Girl is a sports supplement perfect for women, which through its most important component: CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), promotes the reduction of fat accumulated in the body's fat cells.

    In addition, Anti-Cellulite (CLA 1000 mg) from Fit Girl is a product to optimize the epidermis, improving its condition and reducing the orange peel color. Thanks to this product you can enhance your performance given its properties that considerably increase the energy production.

    Recommended direction: as a dietary supplement, you should take 2 softgels divided into 2 intakes. Take preferably before main meals.

    Questions and answers
    Hola! He comprado este producto junto a un quema grasas corriente y me gustaría saber si se puede tomar a la vez o una vez que termine con un frasco empiezo con el otro? Gracias!
    2020-02-06 15:33:19 Sara
    Hola Sara! Lo podrías combinar sin problema. Un saludo!
    2020-02-07 10:13:14 Joel
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