Fight and Fitness

Fight and Fitness is an American company known for offering high quality products for sports. Its catalog includes knee pads, wristbands, gloves, hooks, sashes, belts, handles and more. For this reason, this company is a recognized provider of gyms and other training places. The versatility and quality of its manufactures have won it predilections, being a highly recommended company.


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Fight and Fitness is an American company well known in the international market for selling various kinds of sports accessories. As its name indicates, its offers are oriented to the fitness, bodybuilding, body pump, weight lifting, etc. To that effect, it has gained a significant prestige in these areas, mainly because their products are of very good quality and are able to withstand the hard work to which they are subjected.

The catalog of this company offers a great variety of articles. All are oriented to physical training and have excellent manufacturing controls, and are therefore highly sought after in different parts of the world. Their offer is based on a combination of variety, but at the same time a certain level of specialization. This is achieved by focusing two areas. The first concerns the articles to perform the training, as well as everything necessary to achieve a proper protection that allows to have an adequate physical condition.

Its products include items such as knee pads, wristbands, gloves, training hooks, reducing belts, belts to protect the hip in case of lifting heavy weights, lifting handgrips and wrist straps. As you could noticed, this company is very focused on gyms, training in closed spaces. Many of its products are very oriented towards training using weights, or gymnastic machines. Therefore, they are habitual suppliers of sports training places, both amateur and professional. However, some products - such as gloves - can also be used without problems outdoors, for cycling or other activities.

One of the characteristics of the company Fight and Fitness is its concern with the issue of safety in training. While many things seem to be under control in gyms, excessive efforts to lift heavy weights can lead to other problems, such as joint wear, lumbar damage, spinal problems, and certain disadvantages. For example, this company sells gloves with a perfect grip to prevent sweating and thus preventing dumbbells from slipping from the hands and could fall on the feet, which would cause serious injuries.

A good point in favor of Fight and Fitness is that it uses materials of very high quality, added to the fact that its products are very strong, they do not wear out, they are very durable and ergonomic. Among its raw materials we have neoprene, elastic bands, velcro closures, fillers and elastic nets. This allows them to adapt perfectly to the body, do not cause friction in the skin and are very strong. Undoubtedly, this company is a leader in supplying these kinds of sports accessories and therefore is very popular.