Bike AR5 - Felt

Bike AR5 from Felt is the best bike, an excellent machine, the most powerful, aerodynamic and fastest in the world, made of carbon-fiber and with 11-speed transmission, the lightest and most comfortable frame when it comes to riding, gives you a position perfect for exercising.

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Bike AR5 from Felt to enjoy the best sport in the world while exercising on the best bike in the world, the most powerful and aerodynamic.

Bike AR5 from Felt, as a sports product, is a perfect machine, excellent for you as an athlete having a life full of physical activities and a workout routines, thanks to the design of its frame made of super light carbon fiber, makes your long rides during training better and easy, gives you the best aerodynamics in the world giving you the best grip and experience in the curves, its 11-speed shimano transmission makes it the most competitive and powerful bike, perfect for you that as an athlete that like to excel and break one by one your own records.

Bike AR5 from Felt has an excellent design made by Jim Felt himself, its frame is accompanied by the best pieces manufactured by the best brands in the world, has a unique performance, is aerodynamic, agile and light that makes it much easier to move to any place, helping you to overcome the most difficult curves you could find, the frame made of an special carbon fiber, which is also very strong, gives you the best and most comfortable position during your daily exercise routine guaranteeing the greatest resistance possible during your daily training and helping you to be better each time, helps you rest your back and arms.

Bike AR5 from Felt is a sports article that was specially made for sportsmen, athletes, like you who love to carry a day full of high risk, high demands and adrenaline, what better way to exercise than to practice your favorite sport using a Bike AR5 from Felt: the fastest, most powerful aerodynamic in the world, also the most competitive thanks to its 11-speed Shimano transmission, its disc brakes, handlebars, tires, its comfortable saddle and its wind-driven aerodynamic fork, this aerodynamic advantage of the Bike AR5 from Felt, in conjunction with the Shimano 105 transmission, will help you gain speed and save you those falls during practice with your friends.

Facts of Bike AR5 from Felt

  • Made of carbon fiber UHC Performance, special and strong.
  • Super lightweight, light on the move.
  • 11-speed Shimano 105 transmission.
  • UHC Advanced Aerodynamic Carbon Fiber Road Fork.
  • Tires Felt Aero Road R3.
  • Excellent front and rear disc brakes.
  • Tones and strengthens the muscles in your legs, calves and thighs.
  • The design of the frame and handlebar give you the perfect position, comfortable and safe when exercising.

Bike AR5 from Felt is an ideal sports item for you as an athlete who wants to tone, strengthen and increase the endurance of the muscles of your legs, thanks to its excellent frame designed with carbon fiber UHC Performance which gives you a very comfortable position when it comes to riding the bike, its fork gives you an aerodynamics capable of cutting the wind perfectly, to move more easily and have better grip in the most difficult corners.

Recommended use: as a sports article, Bike AR5 from Felt is recommended for any adult, and ideal for athletes.

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