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HOLORAM REGINAT 180 cap - Equisalud

Holoram Reginat by Equisalud is a dietary supplement designed with plants, reishi, amino acids, bioflavonoids, vitamins and minerals, which work as a beneficial synergy helping to activate the regulatory information of natural response processes against degenerative disorders in general. As a result, it is very useful with the regulation of immune and oxidation processes of the body.

    Improve your health with a 100% natural product. Holoram Reginat by Equisalud is a supplement that will fight degenerative disorders in your body.

    Holoram Reginat by Equisalud is a high quality nutritional supplement, made from a strong combination of natural ingredients that work in a unique synergy to improve the body's natural response to degenerative disorders in general. It has antioxidant, analgesic and anti-inflammatory benefits. Holoram Reginat by Equisalud provides information for the immunological regulation and oxidative processes that are involved in degenerative processes. That is to say, it helps to strengthen the immune system. At the same time, it fights free radicals that cause oxidation in body cells helping to prevent a big number of disorders or health problems. It also promotes the balance of cellular immunity, since it has an immunoregulatory action. So that, you can have a healthy lifestyle with a daily intake

    Main characteristics of the Holoram Reginat by Equisalud

    • It is a food supplement that helps fight degenerative disorders
    • It helps to regulate the body's immune response
    • It has antioxidant benefits that fight free radicals
    • It helps to keep a healthy lifestyle
    • It is highly nutritious
    • It perfect to take it daily
    • It brings vitality and energy
    • It is easy to take

    Composition of the Holoram Reginat by Equisalud

    This excellent nutritional supplement is presented in capsules with good absorption and very easy to swallow. It has a balanced composition of 100% natural ingredients that helps you to keep healthy.

    Content for each capsule:

    • It contains 10mg of citrus bioflavonoids
    • It has 0.5mg of reduced L-glutathione (GSH)
    • It has 50mg of reishi
    • It contains 100mg of dry extract of turmeric
    • It has 75mg of dried green tea extract
    • It has 45mg of calendula powder
    • It has 35mg of fucus dry extract
    • It has 25mg of L-serine
    • It has 20mg of L-arginine
    • It has 35mg of magnesium gluconate
    • It has 0.7mg of vitamin B2.

    Benefits of Holoram Reginat by Equisalud

    Holoram Reginat by Equisalud is a food supplement that offers a complete combination of nutrients, which are activated amount of macronutrients, antioxidants, fungi, phytotherapeutics, amino acids, minerals and vitamins, which work together in order to help the body to fight degenerative processes keeping it with vitality. It also helps with the proper functioning of the immune system and natural defenses and providing excellent antioxidant benefits.

    Holoram Reginat by Equisalud is perfect for people who perform strong activities in their daily routine, and also for those with degenerative disorders, looking for a natural nutrient supplement. It is rich in nutrients that helps to keep your health in perfect conditions.

    Recommended daily dose of Holoram Reginat by Equisalud

    • As a dietary supplement, it is recommended to take 2 capsules a day.
    • Take at any time, according to your needs
    • Take a daily dose
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