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HOLORAM CRONISOL-D 180 cap - Equisalud

Holoram Cronisol-D by Equisalud is a highly effective food supplement, made from a big amount of natural nutrients, such as an activated substrate of macronutrients, fungi, phytotherapeutics, amino acids, minerals and vitamins. All of them make it a strong activator of signals involved in natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic responses, helping to fight chronic and general pain.

    Fight occasional or chronic pain with Holoram Cronisol-D by Equisalud, a food supplement with great analgesic and anti-inflammatory benefits.

    Holoram Cronisol-D by Equisalud is a food supplement with beneficial characteristics, precisely because it is made from an extraordinary combination of natural nutrients, which make it a strong activator of the signals that are involved in the anti-inflammatory and analgesic responses. It helps you to fight pain and inflammation in a natural way, even with a chronic pain. A daily dose will help you to achieve the general well-being you are looking for. Holoram Cronisol-D by Equisalud has a large number of natural ingredients, including phytotherapeutics, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, fungi and macronutrient substrate, so its results are based precisely on the synergistic combination of these natural ingredients, so that providing regulatory information that promotes the body's own analgesic and anti-inflammatory processes.

    What is Holoram Cronisol-D by Equisalud?

    • It is a food supplement based on a big amount of natural nutrients
    • It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits
    • It helps to fight chronic pain
    • It promotes the body's anti-inflammatory and analgesic processes
    • It's very easy to use
    • It has a completely natural origin
    • It improves physical performance

    Composition of Holoram Cronisol-D by Equisalud

    This effective food supplement in capsules is very easy to use and it has the right amount of the ingredients that make it safe and a high quality product. It has no artificial components.

    Content for each capsule:

    • It has 15mg of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)
    • It contains 2.5mg of sodium hyaluronate
    • It has 30mg of dry extract of lion's mane
    • It contains 50mg of dry cat's claw extract
    • It has 45mg of ginkgo dry extract
    • It has 45mg of harpagofito dry extract
    • It contains 35mg of aloe vera
    • It has 25mg of L-tryptophan
    • It has 20mg of leucine
    • It contains 25mg of magnesium gluconate
    • It has 0.7mg of vitamin B6.

    What is Holoram Cronisol-D by Equisalud taken for?

    Holoram Cronisol-D from Equisalud is a special nutritional supplement to consume in your day to day, as it helps to maintain your health in ideal conditions, thanks to the fact that it acts in the natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory process, helping to fight mild or chronic pain general level and that they are accompanied with inflammation pictures, so that their daily consumption will help you lead a quieter and more productive life.

    Holoram Cronisol-D by Equisalud is ideal for people who suffer from disorders that can cause chronic pain and inflammation at a general level, helping the body's natural analgesic process, in addition to a completely natural and healthy way.

    Recommended daily dose of Holoram Cronisol-D by Equisalud

    • As a dietary supplement, it is recommended to take 2 capsules a day.
    • Take it at any time
    • Take a daily dose
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