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Holoram Agelife - 180 capsules

Holoram Agelife from Equisalud is a food supplement that brings together a synergistic combination of nutrients, which have been selected to counteract the action of oxidative stress in the body. It has adaptogenic herbal extracts, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. It regulates factors and processes linked to aging such as circulation disorders and cell degradation.

    Holoram Agelife from Equisalud has everything you need to combat oxidative stress in your body. Check the effect of its amazing active components!

    Holoram Agelife from Equisalud brings together a synergistic combination of ingredients that will help you combat the effects of oxidative stress on your body. It contains trace elements, adaptogenic plant extracts, amino acids and vitamins that have the ability to favor natural processes and delay the signs of premature aging.

    Essential aspects of Holoram Agelife from Equisalud:

    • Counteracts oxidative stress in the body.
    • Contains extracts of adaptogenic plants, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids.
    • Suitable for vegetarians, diabetics and people on special diets.

    Composition of Holoram Agelife from Equisalud:

    Each capsule has the following specifications:

    • Includes 40 mg of dried acai extract.
    • Has 40 mg of dry extract of goji berries.
    • Offers 30 mg of dry reishi extract.
    • Provides 22.5 mg of dried mangosteen extract.
    • Has 20 mg of dry talus extract.
    • Contains 20 mg of superoxide dismutase.
    • Has 15 resveratrol.
    • Contributes 22.5 mg of L-serine.
    • Provides 22.5 mg of L-cysteine.
    • Has 22.5 mg of L-cysteine.
    • Offers 22.5 mg of L-aspartic acid.

    What is Holoram Agelife from Equisalud taken for?

    Holoram Agelife from Equisalud is an incredible food supplement that brings together valuable ingredients that prevent the effects of oxidative stress. It contains vitamins, extracts of adaptogenic vegetables, amino acids and vitamins that combine to regulate circulatory disorders, strengthen defenses and reduce various inflammatory processes in the body. You can count on its antioxidant action and its tonic benefits that naturally increase the energy you need to train or carry out your daily activities.

    Discover how Holoram Agelife from Equisalud will help you achieve a better quality of life. You should not wait the onset of health problems to make healthy changes in your daily routines. In addition to maintaining a healthy diet, always welcome the contribution that good antioxidant supplements can make on your health. These prevent the possibility of getting sick, and delay the aging or degradation of cells. In this way, you will also have more energy, fighting the feeling of exhaustion, which usually impair the execution of your daily activities.

    By taking Holoram Agelife from Equisalud, you can also experience a deep support in your physical activities. When you exercise, the oxidative stress to which you are exposed is much higher. It can be the cause of muscle aches that can lower your ability in the next workout. This supplement will help you quickly overcome this problem and will promote your recovery. It will also give a powerful boost to your vitality. You will have incredible support concentrated in these fast-assimilation capsules.

    Recommended daily dose of Holoram Agelife from Equisalud:

    • Take 2 capsules per day.
    • Follow the recommended dose or the instructions of a specialist.
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