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Holomega Sod Plus - 50 capsules

Holomega Sod Plus from Equisalud is a supplement that stands out for its extraordinary and indisputable antioxidant power, scientifically proven, and that has proven to be 100% effective in neutralizing the action of free radicals and preventing oxidation and cell aging, helping prevent a wide variety of health problems that in the long term can become serious.

    Holomega Sod Plus from Equisalud is a food supplement with an extraordinary antioxidant power, which takes care of your health and protects your body.

    Holomega Sod Plus from Equisalud is developed with the highest technology and following the scientific advances that guarantee and back the effectiveness of its formula, mainly based on SOD, an enzyme that performs a complex chemical process that protects cells exposed to oxygen, which is why it is a powerful antioxidant.

    An antioxidant is a substance capable of preventing and combating cellular oxidation, which causes deterioration, aging and for prolonged periods can seriously affect health. This oxidation is mainly caused by the free radicals found in the body, and it is precisely in what Holomega Sod Plus from Equisalud is 100% efficient, since this wonderful supplement neutralizes its action and prevents them from causing cellular damage, so It is ideal to treat a variety of health conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, protect against allergens, protect cell metabolism, prevent premature skin aging, among other properties and benefits.

    What is Holomega Sod Plus from Equisalud?

    • A supplement based on a scientifically certified formula.
    • Has an extraordinary antioxidant power.
    • Prevents cell oxidation.
    • Prevents the appearance of health problems by protecting cells.
    • Has anti-inflammatory properties.
    • Made from a registered and patented compound based on SOD.
    • Helps protect cell metabolism.
    • Offers effective protection against allergens.
    • Helps minimize the action of free radicals.
    • Ideal for treating arthritis and other types of inflammations.
    • Protects mitochondria from oxidation.
    • Made from SOD, 100% natural origin.
    • Prevents degenerative conditions.
    • Ideal to protect from the effects of stress.
    • Protects from damage caused by UV rays.
    • Ideal for treating burns.
    • Suitable for diabetic and vegetarian people.
    • Does not contain starch or gluten.

    What is in each shot of Holomega Sod Plus from Equisalud?

    Holomega Sod Plus from Equisalud is presented in capsule format, with which you will make its intake much easier. The capsules of Holomega Sod Plus from Equisalud are made so that they dissolve easily and their formula is quickly available in the body.

    Holomega Sod Plus from Equisalud is made from SOD obtained via the patented Extramel®M technology, a compound extracted from the melon pulp of 100% natural origin.

    Content per capsule:

    • Provides 20 mg of Extramel®M.

    Benefits of Holomega Sod Plus from Equisalud:

    Holomega Sod Plus from Equisalud is created so that you can enjoy a magnificent antioxidant power, with proven and guaranteed effectiveness that will help you fight cell oxidation and free radicals, helping you to live a much healthier life.

    Holomega Sod Plus from Equisalud is recommended for people who need to improve their health by taking a good antioxidant. Ideal for people with arthritis or rheumatoid osteoarthritis.

    Recommended daily dose of Holomega Sod Plus from Equisalud:

    • As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules.
    • Ingest with plenty of water.
    • Take the dose every day.
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