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Holomega Oseonutrient - 50 capsules

Holomega Oseonutrient from Equisalud is a food supplement with a high amounts of nutrients, among which calcium and magnesium from marine coral stand out, making it especially indicated to help the normal maintenance of bones and teeth. In addition, it has been enriched with vitamins K2 and D3, which reinforce the formula incredibly.

    Keep your bones healthy and strong thanks to Holomega Oseonutrient from Equisalud, a food supplement rich in calcium and magnesium.

    Holomega Oseonutrient from Equisalud is a nutritional supplement of incredible composition, since it is made from marine coral rich in nutrients, especially calcium and magnesium, two essential minerals to help maintain good bone health, so that its daily intake will help you lead a more productive life. Calcium is the mineral most abundant in the human body, essential for the normal formation of bones and teeth, so its daily consumption helps you maintain a healthy bone structure. Magnesium also helps bone health and improves its functioning. On the other hand, because it is an organic product, these minerals are easily absorbed and favor the electrolyte balance of the organism, counteracting heartburn and remineralizing with the contributions of calcium and magnesium.

    Essential aspects of Holomega Oseonutrient from Equisalud

    • A food supplement based on marine coral rich in calcium and magnesium.
    • Helps maintain bones and teeth in normal conditions.
    • Contributes to healthy bone development.
    • Highly absorbable.
    • Does not contain artificial components.
    • Reinforced with vitamins.
    • Stimulates bone regeneration.

    Composition of Holomega Oseonutrient from Equisalud:

    This incredible food supplement is presented in capsules of maximum absorption, in addition to having the appropriate amounts of the ingredients that make it up, making it totally safe at the time of use. In the same way, it is a food supplement, without any artificial component, contributing to a healthy lifestyle.

    Content per capsule:

    • Has 850 mg of Coralsol® SMP 44 (marine corral powder with 50% calcium carbonate and 40% magnesium carbonate).
    • Contains 22.5 mg of MenaQ7® (vitamin K2).
    • Provides 1.5 mg of vitamin D3.

    What is achieved with Holomega Oseonutrient from Equisalud?

    Holomega Oseonutrient from Equisalud is a highly effective food supplement, with a unique composition of patented marine coral powder, carefully selected for its high nutrient content and 100% natural origin, which guarantees its high quality. Holomega Oseonutrient from Equisalud is rich in calcium, a beneficial mineral that helps maintain healthy bones and teeth. It also has magnesium, which also helps optimal bone health and is supplemented with vitamins K and D, which act synergistically to enhance the benefits it offers. In addition, the latter contributes to the normal absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus, and the maintenance of normal levels of calcium in the blood.

    Holomega Oseonutrient from Equisalud is ideal for people who seek to maintain the health of their bones in ideal conditions, in a natural way, especially those who perform strong activities on a physical level such as athletes. It is also a food supplement that contributes to a healthy eating and lifestyle.

    Recommended daily dose of Holomega Oseonutrient from Equisalud:

    • As a dietary supplement, it is recommended to take 2 capsules a day, in a single dose or in 2 doses.
    • Consume at any time.
    • Take the dose daily.
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