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HOLOMEGA OCULAR 180 cap - Equisalud

Holomega Ocular byEquisalud is a food supplement that provides specific ingredients that improve the optical system health, preventing the appearance of cataracts or other issues. It helps you to improve visual clarity due to its high content of lutein combined with substances that are capable of make a better blood flow, specifically in the eyes.

    Do you want to strengthen and improve your vision? Holomega Ocular by Equisalud, is a food supplement that will improve the health of your optical system.

    Holomega Ocular by Equisalud is created to provide great nutrients necessary to improve the health of your eyes, preventing cataracts, macular degeneration of old age, dry eye and other conditions that may be affecting your vision, all this you can find In a single capsule. Holomega Ocular by Equisalud is a natural food supplement, free of colouring, gluten and starch. It is enriched with a high content of B vitamins, especially B2, vitamins C, vitamin A, and vitamin E, together with selenium and zinc contribute to be a natural combination for good eye health.

    Main characteristics of Holomega Ocular by Equisalud

    • It is a food supplement that provides important nutrients for good eye health.
    • It improves visual health
    • It prevents cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, as well as dry eye
    • Each capsule has a high content of lutein, vitamins, antioxidant and ginkgo biloba.
    • It keeps visual acuity thanks to the different antioxidants that are used for its elaboration
    • It contributes to the maintenance of mucous membranes under normal conditions

    What is in each capsule of the Holomega Ocular by Equisalud?

    Each capsule of Holomega Ocular by Equisalud is combined with a variety of components that make it really interesting since it has Lutein, B complex, dried cranberry extracts, black pepper and ginkgo biloba, vitamin C, extract Zinc, among others. So, this food supplement is made with natural ingredients, without chemical additives, or colouring. It is an essential nutrient in charge of your eyes, protecting them from any harmful external agent such as environmental pollution, sun exposure, daily efforts, time in front of a TV screen or just in front of the computer.

    Content per capsule:

    • It has 100mg of complex B in brewer's yeast.
    • It has 70mg of lutein greater than 10%
    • It has 50mg of dried cranberries extract
    • It contains 45mg of ginkgo biloba dry extract
    • It has 25mg of yeast enriched with selenium
    • It has 45mg of vitamin C
    • It contains 10mg of vitamin E
    • It has 2mg of black pepper extract
    • It has 20mg of beta carotene.
    • It has 30mg zinc gluconate

    What is Holomega Ocular by Equisalud taken for?

    Holomega Ocular by Equisalud is a completely natural, nutritious supplement made with plants, vitamins and minerals that help your eyes to be protected.

    Holomega Ocular by Equisalud does not contain gluten, any type of colouring, and starch. So, it is a natural food supplement that can be taken by diabetic people, vegetarians and people with a specific dietary plans.

    Recommended daily dose of Holomega Ocular by Equisalud

    • Take 2 capsules a day.
    • It is preferably recommended to take during meals or as instructed by a specialist.
    • Take it daily.
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