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Holomega Memory - 180 capsules

Holomega Memory from Equisalud is a nutritional supplement specially formulated for young people and adults. It favors cognitive faculties, so it is useful for enhancing memory, learning, concentration and attention. It helps reduce tiredness and intellectual fatigue, improves performance and mood.

    Holomega Memory from Equisalud helps you improve your desire to learn, promotes enthusiasm and memory.

    Holomega Memory from Equisalud is made from phosphatidylserine, acetyl L-carnitine, glutamic acid, ginkgo biloba, black pepper, vitamins and minerals. Phosphatidylserine improves the functioning of the brain, increases memory, learning and concentration, balances mood, decreases and calms anxiety, depressive symptoms and reduces stress, among other benefits is that it can help in muscle development and decrease pain after physical activity.

    Acetyl L-carnitine improves the function of the immune system, protects the nervous system, increases cellular energy so it favors cognitive function, memory and concentration, has an antioxidant action that prevents the oxidative process of cells and the death of neurons, improves the nervous system and is effective in treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorders; Glutamic acid stimulates the immune system and the central nervous system, boosts energy generation and is an antioxidant: ginkgo biloba is a plant that brings many benefits to the body.

    In this formula, its properties have been used to enhance memory and capacity of concentration and combat depression. Black pepper strengthens the immune system and relieves depression. The vitamins and minerals contained in Holomega Memory from Equisalud contribute to normal psychological function, to the proper functioning of the nervous system and to the protection of cells from oxidative damage.

    Glutamic acid is an amino acid that is important for acid metabolism, major component of the neurotransmitter glutamate (Biochemistry).

    Essential aspects of Holomega Memory from Equisalud:

    • Made from phosphatidylserine, acetyl L-carnitine, glutamic acid, plants, vitamins and minerals.
    • Improves brain function and nervous system.
    • Improves mood, promotes attention and enhances concentration and memory.
    • Boosts the immune system and cognitive function.
    • Without gluten (mixture of proteins present in cereal grains and flours. Some people are allergic to gluten, and have to have a gluten-free diet).

    What is in each shot of Holomega Memory from Equisalud?

    Content per dose (1 capsule):

    • Contains 150 mg phosphatidylserine.
    • Provides 100 mg of acetyl L-carnitine HCl.
    • Has 60 mg of dry ginkgo extract.
    • Contains 50 mg of glutamic acid.
    • Provides 50 mg of L-phenylalanine.
    • Has 28 mg zinc gluconate.
    • Contains 17.5 mg of manganese gluconate.
    • Provides 5 mg of copper gluconate.
    • Has 2 mg of dry black pepper extract.
    • Provides 1.23 mg of vitamin B6.
    • Contains 0.94 mg of vitamin B1, among other ingredients.

    Why should you take Holomega Memory from Equisalud?

    Holomega Memory from Equisalud provides the necessary nutrients for promoting memory and concentration, strengthens the immune system, improves psychological function and the nervous system.

    Holomega Memory from Equisalud is indicated for young people and adults to improve concentration, attention, performance and memory. It serves to improve mood and psychological function.

    Recommended daily dose of Holomega Memory from Equisalud:

    • As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule.
    • Drink with plenty of water before meals.
    • Take 2 times a day, once in the morning and once at night.
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