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Holofit Hormofen - 180 capsules

Holofit Hormofen from Equisalud is a food supplement especially recommended to help improve female discomfort caused mainly by menopause, contributing to control certain imbalances of the human body, this thanks to the fact that it is made from medicinal plants recognized for their beneficial effects on health, also supplemented with vitamins for great effectiveness.

    Manage to keep certain imbalances in your body under control and relieve discomfort during menopause thanks to Holofit Hormofen from Equisalud.

    Holofit Hormofen from Equisalud is a very efficient food supplement, made from a powerful combination of natural ingredients, among which medicinal plants are highly recommended for their incredible health benefits, since they are rich in active compounds that make it the perfect ally to help you combat the female discomforts that usually occur during the menopause process, this contributing to the optimal well-being so necessary in this difficult stage. It has regulatory action, thus contributing to maintain the balance of the organism, precisely taking advantage of the synergy of the plants used to produce it, keeping an optimal level of the substances involved in the proper functioning of the reproductive system in women, as a result, it minimizes the effects of the rapid fall of such substances, which occurs when the menopause is reached.

    What are the characteristics of Holofit Hormofen from Equisalud?

    • A food supplement based on plants and vitamins.
    • Helps improve menopause symptoms.
    • Contributes to the balance of the organism.
    • Reinforced with vitamins.
    • Has a regulatory action.
    • Has no artificial components.
    • Very easy to take.Quickly absorbed.

    What does Holofit Hormofen from Equisalud contribute?

    This food supplement comes in comfortable capsules, very easy to take, so it offers its benefits efficiently, also it has the appropriate amounts of its ingredients, which make it very safe for ingestion, in addition to being of completely natural origin.

    Holofit Hormofen from Equisalud contains beta carotene, cimicifuga, black pepper, sage, red clover and vitamin C.

    What is Holofit Hormofen from Equisalud taken for?

    Holofit Hormofen from Equisalud is a nutrient-rich food supplement, made in a thorough way to offer the benefits of the plants that make it up more effectively, also supplemented with vitamins to strengthen the formula. Holofit Hormofen from Equisalud has a regulatory action on female reproductive functions, especially during the menopause process. In this way, it helps to mitigate and improve problems related to it, such as hot flashes and other symptoms, and it can also help prevent some conditions that usually appear with the arrival of menopause, such as osteoporosis, arteriosclerosis or coronary problems, so its frequent consumption will help you improve your quality of life.

    Holofit Hormofen from Equisalud is ideal for women who are going through the menopause process, those who seek to maintain their body's balance at this stage. In addition, it is a natural, plant-based and vitamin-based dietary supplement that collaborates with the overall good state of the organism, and in the healthiest way possible.

    Recommended a daily dose of Holofit Hormofen from Equisalud:

    • As a dietary supplement, it is recommended to take 2 capsules per day.
    • Take it any time, according to your needs.
    • Take it daily.
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