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Holofit controlgras - 180 capsules

Holofit Controlgras by Equisalud is a supplement that provides a variety of benefits for weight control and health improvement. Its formula is made from plant extracts that offer a fat-burning and satiating action that helps to reduce body weight, blood pressure control, among other benefits.

    Holofit Controlgras by Equisalud, a natural supplement that will help you to achieve your ideal weight and fight some health problems related to overweight.

    Holofit Controlgras by Equisalud is an extraordinary supplement made with selected natural ingredients, designed to provide an effective aid to fight overweight, obesity and the health problems associated with these metabolic disorders. The action of Holofit Controlgras by Equisalud offers different benefits, such as its thermogenic action, which helps the movement and combustion of fat, allowing it to be burned and eliminated from the body, transforming it into energy. In addition, it has a satiating action, which regulates appetite that it is translated into a natural and safe weight reduction. Holofit Controlgras by Equisalud offers benefits that help you to keep blood pressure under control, a problem that if left untreated can cause serious problems. It helps to keep cholesterol levels in the blood under control, promoting good cardiovascular health and is even recognized for offering antioxidant power. Improve your health, physical performance and diet with Holofit Controlgras from Equisalud.


    What are the characteristics of Holofit Controlgras by Equisalud?

    • It is a 100% natural supplement
    • It offers a thermogenic action
    • It promotes the transport and combustion of accumulated fat
    • It transforms fat into energy
    • It effectively contributes to weight loss and control
    • It improves cardiovascular health
    • It keeps the control of cholesterol levels
    • It helps keep blood pressure under control
    • It increases lipolytic activity
    • It has natural antioxidant properties
    • It is a suitable supplement for diabetics
    • It helps reduce blood sugar levels
    • It supports appetite control
    • It provides a satiating effect
    • It reduces the bioavailability of carbohydrates

    Ingredients of Holofit Controlgras by Equisalud

    Holofit Controlgras by Equisalud is a supplement in capsules that makes easier to take and the daily dosage of this supplement is very practical.

    Holofit Controlgras by Equisalud is made with green coffee extract, banaba, wakame seaweed and chromium picolinate.

    Contents per capsule::

    • It contains 250mg of dry green coffee extract
    • It provides 50mg of banaba extract
    • It contains 40mg wakame seaweed
    • It has 0.3mg of chromium picolinate


    What is achieved with Holofit Controlgras by Equisalud?

    Holofit Controlgras by Equisalud is a supplement that will make it easier for you to lose weight in a natural way. Its action will also allow you to control your appetite, improve carbohydrate metabolism and control your appetite so that you can lose weight safely. This supplement takes care of your cardiovascular health and keeps your sugar levels in normal conditions.

    Holofit Controlgras by Equisalud is especially indicated for people with obesity or overweight problems.


    Recommended daily dose of Holofit Controlgras by Equisalud

    • As a dietary supplement, take 4 capsules of Holofit Controlgras by Equisalud
    • Take 2 capsules 30 minutes before lunch and 2 capsules 30 minutes before dinner
    • Take a daily dose
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