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Supplement that provides you with a restful sleep in the REM phase, a rest for your body and mind to achieve a perfect physical balance, relaxation and assured recovery.

    REM Igniter, get back to sleep and rest like you've never done before

    Unprecedented rest and recovery with Rem Igniter from Empro Nutrition. The biggest problem for athletes is rest because their body asks for more and more training, some even neglect their sleep hours to train at dawn, however it necessary to emphasize that muscle regeneration takes place during rest, that is, when we are sleeping, that the reason Empro Nutririon has developed REM Igniter, so that you rest well and relax your body with an assured effectiveness. Increase the muscle mass growth and relax your body and mind with REM Igniter, reduces Cortisol and eliminates the symptoms of overtraining you both hate.

    Sleep is a time of immense rest for our organism because, some changes are generated during the same and the development of the mental activity is of vital importance for a physical balance according to his expectations in the training. When you sleep, you go through different stages of sleep, including the REM sleep phase or Rapid Eyes Movements, which in Spanish would be "Movimiento Rápidos de Ojo" is the deepest sleep phase where rest gives full muscle relaxation, in this phase is when we dream and is where our muscles regenerate, REM Igniter makes sure that you can reach this stage without any problem.

    Sugar-free formula that prevents symptoms of excessive training, increases and maximizes the growth of hormones and testosterone in a natural way with REM Igniter from Empro Nutrition, reduce body fat and increase the development of lean mass, put your body and mind in conditions for a deep, relaxing and restorative REM sleep with the formula of REM Igniter with a single dose before going to sleep you would ensure a restful sleep.

    Facts of REM Igniter

    • Achieves a restful sleep.
    • Prevents the symptoms of overtraining.
    • Reduces cortisol and gains muscle mass.

    Sleep well, train well and feel good with REM Igniter! Enjoy the restful sleep that Empro Nutrition has for you thanks to your new bet for the athletes, REM Igniter, rest and train as you should.

    Recommended Use: Take 2 doses of 8.5g once a day at night before bedtime with a glass of water.

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