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Cluster Dextrin - 1000g

Cluster Dextrin from Empro Nutrition is an ideal low-osmolar energy formula ideal for athletes or sportsmen looking for an extra source of energy while doing their workouts, replenishing glucose reserves to boost the body during exercise.

    Cluster Dextrin from Empro Nutrition, energy in your hands when you need it

    Cluster Dextrin from Empro Nutrition is a sports supplement designed to replenish glycogen that is lost during high-performance physical activities, thus providing an extra source of energy for the athlete in question. Its carbohydrates of last generation are gradually absorbed, which means that the body absorbs glucose according to the energy needs of the moment, thus allowing to maintain the action of the fatty acids that are used as energy, resulting in a really effective absorption and dramatically improved physical performance. It enters the bloodstream quickly avoiding the low sugar that could lead to fainting and targeting the muscles to be processed as energy. Undoubtedly an effective and safe supplement developed under the strictest international quality standards, so you can count on your benefits when you need them most.

    For athletes and sportsmen, the physical energy factor is a limitation in many of their activities, since inevitably during any demanding physical training the body will be exhausted, directly impacting the person's physical performance. Empro Nutrition, thinking about athletes' well-being and desires, has developed its new Cluster Dextrin, a first-class energizer that will allow you to stay longer in training thanks to its prolonged release of glucose and carbohydrates in the body, providing energy continuously at the time required. Its main attraction is the progressive release of glucose in the body, as it is performed gradually avoiding inhibiting the action of other fatty acids by an excess of glucose, resulting in a higher level of energy and physical endurance.

    Facts of Cluster Dextrin from Empro Nutrition

    • Supplement sports front line
    • Dramatically increases energy
    • Significantly improves performance and physical endurance
    • Prolonged release of carbohydrates (sugar) in the body
    • Prevents inhibition of other energy sources in the body
    • Keeps blood glucose levels stable during exercise
    • Does not inhibit fat burning to produce energy

    Stay on the pitch with the Cluster Dextrin from Empro Nutrition and carry out the most demanding workouts with the best sports supplementation that only Empro Nutrition can provide you.

    Recommended Use: Dilute 25 grams of Cluster Dextrin in 250 milliliters of water, drink or milk and consume during training.

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