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Capivalle - 60 softgels

Capivalle from El Valle is an amazing nutritional supplement for strengthening the hair, which can be of great help in treating various hair problems. It contains numerous nutrients that will work wonders for your hair from roots, such as vitamin C, l-cystine, vitamin E, vitamins of group B, iron, magnesium and biotin.

    Capivalle from El Valle is a unique multi-nutritional formula that will renew your hair from roots. Do you need a new life for your hair? Capivalle from El Valle is the product you must try!

    Capivalle from El Valle is a nutritional supplement that will provide you with a great number of vitamins and minerals, which will revitalize your hair from the root. It is the ideal product to treat several hair problems such as weakness or lack of shine. And the best thing is that it works for all type of hair.

    Nutrition facts of Capivalle from El Valle:

    • Revitalizes hair from the roots.
    • Suitable for all type of hair.
    • Contributes to a great number of vitamins and minerals.

    What does Capivalle from El Valle provide?

    Capivalle from El Valle comes in a 60-softgel bottle.

    Each softgel of Capivalle from El Valle provides the following content:

    • 60 mg of vitamin C.
    • 50 mg of l-cystine.
    • 30 mg of magnesium sulfate.
    • 22 mg of iron sulfate.
    • 10 mg of 100% natural vitamin E.
    • 5.5 mg of pantothenic acid.
    • 4.4 mg of zinc oxide.
    • 1.8 mg of vitamin B3.
    • 1.8 mg of vitamin B6.
    • 1.6 mg of vitamin B2.
    • 1.4 mg of vitamin B1.
    • 0.2 mg of vitamin B9.
    • 0.066 mg of biotin.
    • 1 µg of vitamin B12.

    What is Capivalle from El Valle taken for?

    Capivalle from El Valle is a dietary supplement formulated to promote the health of all types of hair, providing a great number of nutrients that will strengthen it from the roots. You can improve the look of your hair and fight different problems such as brittle hair fibers or a dull appearance.

    Capivalle from El Valle contains vitamin C, magnesium, vitamin, zinc oxide, vitamins of group B and biotin, which act from the hair follicle, allowing it to have even a better growth. Do not resort to topical products that have limited outcomes. Only a food supplement like Capivalle from El Valle can provide you with truly enviable hair.

    Beauty begins with a good nutrition, and Capivalle from El Valle is the proof. If you are lacking in nutrients, it is very likely that the first affected will be your hair and nails. Only an adequate concentration of vitamins and minerals can improve each hair fiber from the root, making it revitalize and look really attractive.

    Its composition is equally effective with all type of hair, since Capivalle from El Valle contributes to what is necessary to benefit its development from the same organism.

    If you have hair problems you can fight them with Capivalle from El Valle. If you have been through stressful times, if you are recovering from an illness or if you notice that your hair is not strong enough, the best way to benefit is with a dose of nutrients, which will undoubtedly help you develop in a healthy and safe way.

    It is an ideal product for adults who want to improve the vitality of their hair, using 100% natural methods.

    How to take Capivalle from El Valle?

    • Take 2 capsules daily.
    • Take between meals with plenty of water.
    • Do not exceed the recommended dose.
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