El Naturalista

El Naturalista is a prestigious brand that produces phytotherapeutic supplements, and supplies them to drugstores, parapharmacies, and more recently, online distributors. From the ACPG Laboratories S.A. located in Oricáin, Navarra, they employ precise methods that result in excellent products for people who are interested in a better quality of life.


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El Naturalista is an initiative of Dr. Antonio Calvo Calvo, a specialist in Nutrition, Iridology, Naturopathy and Dietetics, with a track record of more than 50 years. His work has resulted in a range of supplements and natural therapeutic products that can currently be found throughout Spain.

The facilities of these laboratories have the most up-to-date equipment, are characterized by a strategic design to minimize the possibility of making mistakes, and to preserve the maximum quality of their products. They respect the current legal regulations with departments and rooms designed under the NCF / GMP standards.

In particular, El Naturalista works with treated atmospheres, machines made of stainless steel, and advanced systems that are responsible for controlling the slightest variation in temperature and humidity. Under so special conditions, high-quality products are made such as supplements belonging to traditional herbal medicine and phytopharmaceuticals containing excellent active components.

El Naturalista maintains its purpose of providing the public the best options to relieve symptoms of diseases through phytotherapeutic supplements. That is why, it is strictly governed by the provisions established by the Spanish Medicines Agency. The NCF standards apply to all aspects of production that include the working conditions of personnel, documentation, facilities, advanced equipment and quality controls.

This means that it follows a "Manufacturing Guide" that clearly establishes the procedures and protocols, the corresponding Standard Formulas, together with General Procedures, Validations and calibrations corresponding to each process.

In this way, El Naturalista manages to provide products of the highest quality, consistent with the needs of a society that each day understands better that health is only possible if natural and pure foods are consumed. They are the best alternative to relieve discomfort, strengthen defenses and get a safe relief.

To ensure the quality of the products, the batches of products are made following clear indications of purity, respecting the principles established in the corresponding legislation.

El Naturalista maintains the best control and selection of its raw materials, an indispensable part for the elaboration of every product. The active principles required for each case are scrupulously verified.

In the same way, essential oils that meet the standards of the European Pharmacopoeia are used, and quality controls are carried out to verify that they offer the corresponding benefits.

Currently people are more aware of what it takes to live long and healthy. El Naturalista has contributed to spread such awareness, not only in pursuit of its benefit. Its track record has promoted a new mindset on how to enjoy lifelong health.

You can be sure that El Naturalista is a company that only uses natural ingredients, with optimal active components, working in facilities built strategically to reduce the chances of error, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery of the highest quality, and controlling all aspects of production to provide phytotherapic products.