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Organic Whole Oatmeal - 1 kg

In order to be on a healthy diet and a lifestyle full of energy, you need good quality, natural and healthy products, which is the case of Organic Whole Oatmeal from El Granero Integral, a product perfect to be included in all recipes of our preference such as pastries, biscuits and many others.

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  • Lactose FreeLactose Free

    Eat Organic Whole Oatmeal from El Granero Integral to indulge in eating a delicacy full of benefits.

    Organic Whole Oatmeal from El Granero Integral is the best opportunity to enjoy oats comfortably in any preparation of your taste.

    You are present with a delicious and appetizing oatmeal, of unique flavor and made from completely organic crops, which gives our body a high level of protein, vitamins and minerals for a healthy and balanced diet. Preparing varied recipes such as creams, desserts, biscuits, homemade bread or mixed with more bread flour of your choice.

    Oatmeal is very beneficial for our body and extremely appetizing, right at your fingertips the best that Mother Nature offers us. Due to this the team of El Granero Integral is always taking care of the health of its customers by making the best ecological products. On this occasion, the delicious Organic Whole Oatmeal from El Granero Integral is the star, which comes in a comfortable presentation, in fine powder and well ground, thus being much simpler and practical to use. Preparing it will be fun and fast.

    It is important to mention that Organic Whole Oatmeal from El Granero Integral incorporates many benefits into our diet, therefore it can be used as an essential ingredient for the consumption of many healthy people, including athletes. For example, its high contribution of fiber, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals is very positive for our body, since those are elements essential for its optimal operation. Best of all, it does not matter how we want to prepare it, in any case, it will be very rich, pleasant and satiating.

    Organic Whole Oatmeal from El Granero Integral guarantees an effective feeling of satisfaction and to keep the appetite at bay for a long time. It is a very soft, super fine and nutritious flour that it is competitive with any other you can find, all that because it comes from the best natural and ecological crops, thus guaranteeing intact, effective and completely natural nutritional contributions. In this same order of ideas, we will not have to worry about our health when consuming it since it does not contain preservatives, colorings or agents that may alter its composition and taste. As a result, Organic Whole Oatmeal from El Granero Integral is highly appreciated and recommended all over the world.

    Facts of Organic Whole Oatmeal from El Granero Integral:

    • Delicious, easy to digest and fine for the palate.
    • Provides your body with great proteins, vitamins and minerals.
    • Satiating and energizing product.
    • Very effective at keeping appetite and anxiety at bay.
    • Ideal for preparing various recipes, such as biscuits, cookies, pastries and more.
    • From ecological agriculture.

    Organic Whole Oatmeal from El Granero Integral is ideal to be maintained in the first positions of the recipes we prepare regularly, since it provides various nutrients to the diet as well as a delicious seasoning. Ideal to be enjoy it by the entire family. In particular, you can give the little ones a tasty cookie full of many benefits for their body. Their health is in your hands.

    Recommended use: you must include it in the preparation of cookies, biscuits, bread, among other recipes of your preference. It can be mixed with rye, spelled, corn and more.

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