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Bio Superfine Wheat Bran - 350 g

Bio Superfine Wheat Bran from El Granero Integral is essentially a supplement rich in fiber, but also constitutes a nutritional contribution rich in vitamins and minerals. It is a cereal for direct consumption, although it can also be accompanied by other food supplements for a more pleasant experience.

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    Bio Superfine Wheat Bran from El Granero Integral: an optimal cereal to enjoy the mornings with another flavor.

    Bio Superfine Wheat Bran from El Granero Integral comes from organic farming and is positioned as one of the food supplements richest in insoluble fiber. It is also a generous source of vitamins and minerals, which allows you to keep your physique in great conditions.

    Thanks to its low-calorie contents, extra-fine qualities and the feeling of satiety it produces, it can be used for a much more efficient slimming routine. Its contribution in fiber makes it a very healthy product if you need to balance the intestinal transit. Bio Superfine Wheat Bran from El Granero Integral is not only a visionary and different proposal for daily consumption, it is also the healthiest to promote optimal performance of your body.

    Bio Superfine Wheat Bran from El Granero Integral is a great ally if you want to go on a rigorous diet. Experts have certified its contribution to weight loss. In addition to this, it also contributes other benefits such as stabilization of blood glucose or control of the intestinal transit. We are in the presence of a food supplement that is excellent to make our mornings very nice moments, and even snacks. This bran can be a rich and healthy alternative to start the day on the right foot, full of energy.

    The benefits provided by Bio Superfine Wheat Bran from El Granero Integral are varied and quite beneficial for the human body. However, being a completely versatile bran, it can be prepared in any version you prefer. It is delicious to accompanied with dairy products such as milk or yogurt, or perhaps with healthier alternatives, for example, vegetable drinks. In this way, the product will not only add quality and freshness, but also ease of digestion.

    Bio Superfine Wheat Bran from El Granero Integral is also a functional option if you want to incorporate its nutritional benefits into other recipes. If you want to indulge in eating homemade desserts, then you should add the high fiber contents of this wheat bran. In this way, all your sponge cakes or cupcakes will obtain a healthy contribution of nutrients. Bio Superfine Wheat Bran from El Granero Integral brings its benefits in quality and flavor to any recipe you have in mind.

    Facts of Bio Superfine Wheat Bran from El Granero Integral

    • A product from organic farming.
    • A superfine wheat bran.
    • Provides an enormous amount of fiber.
    • Rich in vitamins and minerals.
    • Produces a feeling of fullness.
    • Optimizes weight loss.
    • Ideal to incorporate in the making of pastries.

    The intake of fiber is extremely important for the body. Bio Superfine Wheat Bran from El Granero Integral allows you to completely meet all the requirements of a healthy consumption. Take advantage of this supplement to make the most of its properties.

    Recommended use: it can be consumed as is or accompanied by vegetable drinks, milk or yogurt.

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