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Bio Vegetable Pate with Pepper - 125 g

This majestic Bio Vegetable Pate with Pepper from El Granero Integral has a delicious taste that combines very well with many dishes, precisely because it has an exotic taste of pepper and a very appetizing creamy consistency, which makes it perfect to improve the flavor of meals. In addition, you will enjoy a superbly healthy and balanced pate.

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    Creamy and tasty, Bio Vegetable Pate with Pepper from El Granero Integral is the spread that you need to give an original touch to your dishes.

    This new Bio Vegetable Pate with Pepper from El Granero Integral is a great food in an ultra-creamy presentation. It has been prepared using delicious ingredients, in a completely innovative way, as is the case of pepper. In addition, these are completely natural and all from vegetable origin, therefore, it is a very healthy, balanced, nutritious, digestible and low-calorie pate. Thanks to its mouth-watering texture, it can be used in different culinary preparations.

    Having a can of this delicious and creamy vegetable pate is a very practical way to add flavor to your meals, especially because it has an exotic flavor of pepper, which is perfect to combine with other foods, such as meat, fish and vegetables. Moreover, many people use it as an alternative to a sauce or dressing, precisely to add it to salads, kebab, to fill succulent sandwiches or also to spread on crackers for breakfast.

    Due to its versatility of ingredients, it is a vegetable pate much lighter than the one of animal origin, so, when eating it you can digest it better and in a completely pleasant way, and as it contains a wide variety of spices and vegetables such as pepper, onion, tomato, celery, and mustard seeds, it is also a pate with many nutritional benefits. In that sense, a single spoonful provides magnificent percentages of water, energy, fiber, and antioxidant minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium, among others.

    Generally, this appetizing Bio Vegetable Pate with Pepper from El Granero Integral comes in a comfortable container, which does not need cold storage until you uncover it, so you can take it outside of home to a special occasion, such as camping or going for a family picnic. Definitely its presentation is super practical, but the most fantastic thing is that it is a 100% organic product, therefore, you are handed a delicious top-quality product on a silver platter.

    Facts of Bio Vegetable Pate with Pepper from El Granero Integral

    • Concentrated, creamy and delicious pate that has the taste of pepper.
    • Lighter and lower in calories than traditional pates.
    • Digests better than meat pates.
    • Provides fiber, energy, water, minerals and antioxidants.
    • Made from fresh top-quality ecological ingredients.

    Any dish enriched with a bit of the delicious Bio Vegetable Pate with Pepper from El Granero Integral will result in a true tasty experience, full of surprising advantages, so, go for vegetable pates, in particular, buy this excellent one, which is available at an excellent price.

    Recommended use: open this product and take a small portion to spread it on biscuits, slices of bread or toast. Moreover, it is very suitable to fill sandwiches or to add to salads, fish, vegetables, meats, chicken, among other dishes.

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