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Tuna Steaks Bio - 195 g

Tuna Steaks Bio from El Granero Integral contains excellent nutritional properties, which provide your organism's health with great and vital benefits. Its composition is rich in proteins, among other nutrients. It is good for keeping you active. Easy to digest. With extra virgin olive oil.

    Tuna Steaks Bio from El Granero Integral. Eat healthily has never been so tasty.

    Versatility, taste and fast preparation are the three most important aspects if you are a person who is always busy and want to prepare a food fast. Tuna Steaks from El Granero Integral is a food that could bail you out for its great versatility so you can accompany it with with other foods but that is not necessary as it is a very complete food, in addition,  it is the preferred by sportsmen because it is an excellent way to incorporate fish to our diet.

    Tuna Steaks Bio from El Granero Integral has an extremely healthy composition. The best of this product is that it has a high protein content (25.5 g). Among its essential nutrients stand out calcium, vitamins A and D, and vitamins of the group B (B3 and B12). Moreover, tuna is very rich in large quantities of essential fatty acids such as Omega-3, which are favorable for the cardiovascular health and good joint condition. This is a food easy to digest and thanks to its content of extra virgin olive oil, it will strengthens your digestive system and thus preventing stomach problems.

    You can prepare a wide range of recipes with Tuna Steaks Bio from El Granero Integral, and you can eat it at any time you like, from a classic, which is tuna salad, make a cake, prepare with pasta, rice, sandwiches, corn and if you go to a event or arrive guests home you can serve perfectly as a snack. This product comes in a comfortable and hygienic glass container, glass is a material that gives an important benefit, and that toxic substances are not gave off as may happen with products that come packed in metal cans. Moreover, you will be able to see its contents easily.

    Facts of Tuna Steaks Bio from El Granero Integral

    • In extra virgin olive oil.
    • From 100% ecological crops.
    • 100% healthy.
    • Easy to consume.
    • Ideal to go on a healthier diet.
    • Benefits your cardiovascular system.
    • Improves the condition of your joints.
    • Easy to digest.
    • Low in fats.

    Tuna Steaks Bio from El Granero Integral assures to give you very good benefits when you prepare with it a wide range of delicious dishes to enjoy in the kitchen as you cook the best meals, which will be completely healthy. And if you are a person who likes to train regularly, then this tuna is one food you need to obtain the energy needed to perform physical activities and be on a better diet.

    Recommended use: eat it at any time of the day. It can be accompanied with whatever you want, either way it will still super tasty. Preserve it a cool place, and once open the most recommended is to keep in the fridge.

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