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Tropi Muesli Extra Bio - 1 kg

Tropi Muesli Extra Bio from El Granero Integral is a product specially designed for breakfast and snacks. Made with cereals and nuts, allowing you to combine it easily with vegetable drinks, juices, milk and yogurt. A cereal very easy to prepare and suitable for children under growth, athletes, teenagers and adults.

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    Tropi Muesli Extra Bio from El Granero Integral is a delicious and healthy cereal allowing you to have a good breakfast and snack.

    This product is made of cereals and nuts, which makes it perfect for eating at snack time or breakfast, as it can be used as a quite healthy supplement in a very delicious way.

    This is an excellent natural product with very important vitamins, proteins and nutrients, which the body needs to do better during the day. Besides, it is worth mentioning that this is a cereal very easy to prepare and is suitable for vegans. Tropi Muesli Extra Bio from El Granero Integral has being designed with the purpose that you can really take pleasure in consuming typical drinks and thus you will improve considerably your daily with its wonderful flavor.

    Tropi Muesli Extra Bio from El Granero Integral is a wonderful product that due to its production will help you to keep proper levels of energy during the morning, will give greater satiety and will promote the intestinal movement. This product has been made with nuts and very good cereals, which will provide you with certain benefits that will enable you to take the most out of your days. In addition, this product is very important for its contribution of proteins, essential nutrients and its great vitamin value. It is an amazing product that will fill you of vitality and give you a delicious taste to your day. A great cereal you need to try now.

    This incredible product brings good benefits. It will allow you to have a delicious snack and a healthy breakfast. In addition, this cereal can be easily combined with vegetable drinks, yogurt, juices, among others. Its preparation is truly simple and takes little time, which allows to save time. Tropi Muesli Extra Bio from El Granero Integral is a product suitable for children in their period of growth, for teens, sportsmen and adults. It is also recommended for people without enough free time wanting a food easy and fast to prepare. An amazing cereal that is going to give a special touch of flavor to your life.

    Facts of Tropi Muesli Extra Bio from El Granero Integral

    • Made of cereals and nuts.
    • Delicious and healthy.
    • Contributes nutrients, vitamins and proteins.
    • Easy and fast to prepare.
    • Promotes the movement of the intestines.
    • Perfect for breakfast and snacks.
    • Provides a powerful feeling of satiety.
    • Allows to obtain an important amount of energy in the morning.
    • Ideal for children, teenagers, sportsmen and adults.

    This product will become your favorite snack and breakfast, due to its excellent flavor and its incredible contribution of benefits. Tropi Muesli Extra Bio from El Granero Integral is a very special cereal that will improve considerably your daily routine and will make you feel very well. Do not miss the most delicious cereal on the market!

    Recommended use: as a product for consumption, add it to the drink you consume at breakfast, it can be a vegetable drink, juice, yogurt, among others.

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